Eye Masks: Dr. Morita, Color Combos & Faith in Face

Kate Hudson and co. claim to do an ice compress first thing after they wake up. That gets rid of puffiness to give that wide awake look.

However I don’t have hand maidens waiting with a cup of tea and an ice pack so I do the next best thing. Buy eye masks, keep them in the fridge and paste on a pair as I make my morning cup of tea.

A practice that leads me to yet another quest, this time for the perfect eye mask. Something that will combat puffiness and make my eyes look fresh.

As Hongkies we are lucky because Sasa, Watson’s and Mannings are nearly wall-to-wall masks. All manner of Taiwanese, Korean & Japanese masks , but the challenge for me to is find one without alcohol. 

After walking around the stores, checking the ingredients with a magnifying glass (my eyes need all the help they can get) I locked down 3 brands without alcohol.

Faith in Face Eye Am Not Tired: I bought these from Mannings, a set of 4 for HKD 59.90, so not cheap. I kept them in the fridge and used them everyday. (for 4 days!)

Hygienic, easy to use packs containing lovely hydrogel mask that feel oh so cool first thing in the morning. Placebo effect or not, I did feel instantly awake and less puffy. But alas I will not re-purchase 😦  WHY ?


See the 5th ingredient there ? Grapefruit extract ? Thats the problem! Paraphrasing Paula Begoun/Beautypedia Citrus Paradisi Fruit Extract can cause a phototoxic reaction to leave skin discolored. Beware if listed middle of an ingredient list.

FaithinFace EYEThat’s the last thing one wants near one’s eyes! So Bye Bye, Eye…I am not Tired.

Lower down the list it does list Euphrasia Officinalis Extract which is a topical treatment for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. And it counteracts inflammation and reduces mucous drainage. 

DAMN you Grapefruit Extract !!!!!!

Colour Combos Q10 Lifting Eye MaskQ10Q10eyeThese are cotton sheets and come in packs of 10. Not too wet and stick well to the under -eye area.

This contains Hamamelis Virginia Leaf Extract (witch hazel which  means alcohol is added  during extraction ).

It also contains Q10 (Ubiquinone), last on the list. This ingredient is all manner of good for ageing skin and skin in general. However I can not get past the Witch Hazel on my delicate under eye area.

This I will NOT re-purchase because of this Witch Hazel. That is if I can get past the awful packaging!

Q10ingredientsThe packaging, while environmentally ‘friendlier’ , is a pain to use. All the masks stick together, your fingers contaminate all the packs are you are trying to pry singles off & by mistake I ended up using two for one eye because they stuck together so fast!

Dr Morita (Watsons and Sasa): This is a Taiwanese brand. A local HK girl told me that the latest rage in HK are Taiwanese face masks and every time they travel to Taiwan they buy bag loads. Anyway here these eye masks retail for HKD 39 each. Each box contains between 5-8 packs. I bought the Q10 (wonder ingredient) and Anti Wrinkle.

Yeah whatever I know.  Nothing rivals a surgeon’s scalpel, good sleep and a healthy lifestyle, but hydration and the TLC of a mask is always a feel good, right ?IMGP2892Each pair comes in an individual sachet and separate backing for each eye (landfill alert) but I prefer it to all the masks stuck together in a higgledy-piggledy mess like the Color Combos pack.IMGP28932016-07-10 12.24.49The Q10 sheets are cotton but almost transparent. Each pack contains a lot of serum and feel very wet. But not drippy wet.

The Anti Line Anti Wrinkle masks are rather odd shaped and took me a while to work out. Basically each piece lies under your eyes and then extends to either side of your nose (along the dreaded laugh lines)IMGP2894

Since the instructions are NOT in English I had to search helpful reviews written by Singaporean and Malaysians to figure out how long. 10-15 mins, everyday use, I believe.IMGP2896The ingredients are good and hydrating but I would use it every other day.

Look a good eye cream and an ice compress can do just as well, but let’s face it for the lazy slapping on a cool eye mask from the fridge is easiest. Though given the ‘landfill’ factor of packaging I probably wouldn’t do it too frequently.20160710_10372120160710_103738

I have see another brand of eye masks at Sweetmay Hong Kong- Sweetmay carries Korean brands.

(Sneak Peek:20160704_15110620160704_151159) I am currently researching it’s ingredient list and  if they get an all clear, I will buy it once the Dr. Moritas are over.

My verdict ? Unfortunately the Faith in Face Eye I am not Tired felt the best. Maybe the hydrogel mask format retains the cool from the refrigerator better and longer working to give that slight compression under the eye. But alas the Grapefruit extract 😦

Mentholatum Lip Fondue: Use It!Wear It !

Mentholatum’s Lip Fondue.OMG ! OMG! I love it.

I picked it up in Sasa and I am ecstatic. Definitely re-purchasing.

It’s a thick gel that instantly soothes your lips.

It doesn’t feel like Vaseline or Chapstick. It’s like a soft cushion on your lips. You can feel it on your lips but it’s not sticky!


It’s difficult to shoot the product. The packaging instructions tell you NOT  to twist it up too much as it DOESN’T retract. It’s colourless and looks like gloss, but may I please repeat, it’s not wet or sticky.

Just what a ‘cushiony balm’ might feel like I think.

It is also a great base for Mattes lipsticks. Matte lippies dry lips. I often have to apply chapstick OVER my matte lip since they feel so dry.

Not with this fondue !

I have applied my Christian Loubotin Matte and my Loreal Matte over this. It does give the matte a slight glow as you would expect. Satin-Matte type look.

But it didn’t make it slip or slide. None got on my teeth or leaked outside my lips !

My lipstick stayed on through sips of water, Proseco, toast and a slice of (oatflour) banana bread.

I am now off to have Ramen.

Nothing survives Ramen though !

Really?! Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Youtube you made me feel like I was missing out if I didn’t own a Shu Eyelash Curler.FullSizeRender

So ofcourse I went out and bought it . And I am not happy.  It is MEH!

And also I have learn’t a lesson. When Makeup Artists tells me something is amazing, a novice like me should ignore that advice.

WHY ? Because in the hands of the experts, everything starts to work.

My TV will have clear reception as soon as the cable man arrives, my computer will cheerfully ‘print’ as soon as IT arrives at my desk  and the tap stops leaking when the plumber visits.

Mysterious and  damned annoying behaviour of inanimate objects.

The Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara without curling my lashes gives me a bigger curl.

With the Shu I am like ‘why bother’. Just mascara works just as well. Also the implement in itself feels like it needs “tightening up“. It’s loose and floppy.

Blurry pic I know. But cat jumped up and nudged my elbow. Small mercy I didn’t poke my eye!

My good ole, run of the mill eyelash curlers from Sasa, dare I say it, curl better.

Image from Sasa Website

The battery helps this to heat it up and it works. Also this was my first ever eyelash curler and I never nipped any skin!

I have used this with and without heating and the heat works better. Without the heat I found it a lame.  Lame, just like my 3-times-the-price-Shu !

Image from Sasa Website

Now this compact one can be tricky. The wrong angle, and while your lashes do get curled, they also get a sharp kink in them

So make sure to really get into the lash line.

Anyway inspite of possessing both these, I bought the hype and got The Shu.

I will admit, Shu Uemura is a God of sorts. However I think the Shu Gods were looking the other way when they made the eyelash curler.





Beauty Blendercleanser Solid (Brush Cleaner)

Amazing. I love it, will re-purchase. But not from Amazon because I can’t. They wont ship this item to Hong Kong. Why ? I have looked all over their website and the WHY has never been answered. Maybe we smell.

This IMAGE is from AMAZON Beauty Blendercleanser site. Check it out for shopping/shipping details

But then thank God for Singapore! More precisely for Sephora in Singapore. My next trip I am definitely stocking it up before I return to HK (where you can buy – NOTHING!)

I am a non fussy brush cleaner. Baby Shampoo and Olive oil is what’s sometimes recommended on the DIY pages of the Internet, but I am a harsh, haphhazard, swipe-brush-on-Bar of Dettol Soap- and-dry kind of person.

The Dettol soap bar is in my bathroom and bang-bang done.

And then a reviewer on YouTube was raving about it. I forget his name, but he seemed to know what he was saying admidst his slightly mental raving-reviews, hehe.

There is something magical about the Beauty Blendercleanser and I don’t know WHAT .


And look I have used the MAC brush cleaner too. And I just didn’t feel satisfied.  The MAC one was like cleaning your face with a Make-up wipe while the Beauty Blendercleanser feels like a good old double cleanse!

This is what I do. Wet brush, swirl, swipe over solid cleanser. Then I brush it over my palm, back and forth to remove makeup. Once clean I wash it under water, squeeze brush (gently) dry and then hang upside down OR flat, angled down slightly, to dry.

On the box it reads “lather up” but not sure what that means and so far hasn’t seemed necessary to me.

The magic is it cleans very well, quicker than my Dettol/Shampoo and also the brushes seem to dry faster (?)

I dont own the Beauty Blender sponge because frankly my fingers and an ordinary wedge sponge from Sasa does the job, but this cleaner is FAB!