Stila One Step Correct

Is there a hype on this ? I have been ODing on beauty vlogs and blogs for 3 years now, and haven’t seen anything. Or is this ‘so last year?’ Tell me, enquiring minds want to know.

And then let me tell you some-

2015-06-22 12.04.19

2015-06-22 12.03.29
2015-06-22 15.10.25

I wanted to try this for a bit and then comment. My NC40 skintone has dark circles, not too bad, and around my mouth its darker than the rest of my face, which means a lot of makeup will look ashy around my mouth especially if I wear lipstick. This is my face with the Stila One Step.

Even! The darkness under eyes and around mouth are not noticeable. Worn over moisturiser. Please DO moisturise prior!


This is like a serum but not silicone-y ( silky soft feel that silicone based products have.)

It says brighten as a product function but I dont see a luminosity like my Bobbi Brown Illuminating Balm. But probably the evening out of skintone gives a natural anti-dullness lets say. In the pictures it does look “white” but that I think is my camera. Its definitely not ashy atall.

I also do believe that on lighter skins it might have a more noticeable effect because of the redness that a lot of caucasian skin tones have. I hardly have any redness.

This is a primer but I dont see any blurring of pores etc, just the evening out of skintone. Benefit’s Porefessional is the master of blurring fine lines and pores. Even my Smashbox cant live up to the Porefessional.

Back to Stila One Step- it is a primer and when I tried to dab,sweep, dab, sweep my BB cream over it, it did ball up. So this morning I waited a while.

Rough Time: moisturised face, then moisturised body. Then come back and applied Stila.  Gently rub product in. Then chose clothes, ironed top, wore clothes, did eyes, applied MAC concealer with sponge wedge in dab dab motion (to hide bags) then applied the BB cream over Stila.

Now I always feel a BB cream is harder to apply than a foundation and I always do a dab, dab, press press, light sweep. I dont rub it in.

And this time there was no balling up. So basically wait a while.

Stila has definitely turned me onto the wonder of CC creams and love this evening out. Now the struggle is to whether repurchase Stila One Step or to move up a notch and buy a tinted CC cream.

Decisions, decisions.

When Good Makes Make Bad Makeup


Makeup is personal and dependant on a million things. Skin type, skin tone, your body temperature, the way you use it or even a secret tip that someone shared.

Also with HongKong’s no return policy I try and use a product to death before I give up. And then there comes a time when I have to have that ‘talk’. Its You not Me.

I have to end that relationship and part ways.
These 3 will never dip into my wallet or darken my vanity again.
1. I will never buy Clinique’s Pore Refining. Benefit’s Porefessional is hands down the best one to camouflage your pores.

2. In the lip gloss category, its not news that I am on an eternal quest for good pigmentation, reasonable lasting power and non gloop. Benefit’s Coralista is…….hello what do you do ??
It the gloss of old days ? Remember when all you got was minimal durability with high shine ?
Reminds of my school allowance lip gloss purchases.
Buy a nice lip balm from Maybelline or Revlon’s Kissable balm Stains and call it a day. Or go the YSL or Dior route.

3. Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof. Nay Nay a 100 times Nay. (If anyone out there has had a better experience please write to me) It’s definitely waterproof and lasts and lasts.
I have notoriously oily lids and racoon eyes and I are old friends and this one didn’t budge. But it’s just so hard to apply.
It’s hard, it drags, it sticks to the lower lashes and as you draw your line it clumps your lower lashes, so you look like you have eye gunk on your lower lashes. Not a good look.
Revlon Colour Stay eyeliner pencil. Good enough for me.

NB: Look Bobbi Browns Gel Liner is awesome and rocks and does what I wanted the above to do…but that damn product keeps drying on me! Its too expensive to keep buying and throwing. Also a pencil is easier than ‘open pot, dip brush, drag brush on lower lid, screw pot on tight and store upside down’.

Make up should be fun not a lab project everytime.

So 1, 2, 3 – in the bin you go.