Gen X and Pandemic Workouts: Chloe Ting vs Billy Blanks

I love fads. Gimme something new and I will jump onto it and indulge in it till I get bored and move on to the next thing. Macaroons, macarons,  adult colouring, roller blading, quinoa and hair bump-its (remember those?).

Youtube recommended the Chloe Ting challenge and I dived right in.

Chloe Ting 2019 2 Week Challenge
Modifications for some of the ‘plank’ style workouts. Raised, sturdy surface with a yoga mat.

Like James Charles, Chloe is not targeted to my demographic, in terms of presentation style, so I wont comment on that or on the click-baity titles. Her audience is not annoyed by it unlike this crabby Gen Xer.

I am annoyed by the insertion of adverts in the middle of the videos though.

‘How do I keep the timing on my set ?.’

Am happy to report the timer kept going even during the advert. You see I hate exercising more than I need to. 😝

I appreciate the modifications suggested, though the above is suggested by me.  I have rotator cuff, neck and lower back issues so for the plank style reps. I alternate between doing some on my elbows or on a raised surface.

Baseline, I like the plank focussed exercises because at a pinch this is your total body, strength and conditioning, workout. Planks are my personal nemesis and I look at these videos as a challenge to get stronger everyday.

While the battle with myself is encouraging I find it hard to stick to because it’s boring.

Individually each video is fine and I look forward to whether everyday or on alternate days.

However when you need to do a few videos together on one day there are just too many repeats within the session. I could not bring myself to do one more mountain climber in the ‘same session but different video’.😴 😴

MadFit has similar short format, minus the click bait titles and excessive repeats. I can do a bunch of them without getting bored.

B..ut…. I like the mood and energy of the ice-cream truck music during a Chloe sessions. MadFit feels like you are in church and should be whispering.

But if you can’t run outdoors because you are engulfed in smoke and can’t go to the gym because of the pandemic the one I would recommend, Boomer to GenZ (ok maybe not to a 8 y/o) is Billy Blanks. This man’s a hoot, without trying to be !!!

Taebo king of the 90s!

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.36.54 AM

Like Lt. Joe Kenda there are Billy Blank-isms that I collect.

Why do I prefer him ?

Being a certified fitness ‘teacher/instructor’ his workouts are designed cunningly to not feel like repeats.

Yes you do what feels like 150 killer knee raises in the same session but it doesn’t feel like repeats. He is not warm and fuzzy and he lies. He says it’s the last set and then adds two more. He says it’s the last 15 secs and it’s actually 30. I don’t know what to tell you.

My rotator cuff, lower back and neck pain is kept in check by my sports physiotherapist (thank you Christy) but during the pandemic it’s Billy that’s kept my pain at bay. The warm up, the stretches and the muscle strength all working together.

I have been in pain since 2006 so…

Like all experienced instructors Billy stresses posture and technique while trying to kill you. But Billy will not give you a low impact modifications for jumping jacks etc.  Do your own research and modify. It’s not like he can see you through your screen.

Though sometimes it does feel like he can. Seriously spooky.

All in all, Billy Blanks is way more fun!

PS: I did the Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down challenge for 1 day. It was just too hard.