No Buy Check-in: Makeup A Murder

My monthly check-in about what I am DYING to buy but cant/wont because of my No Buy 2020 Resolution.

These posts are not end of month check-ins rather the on-going struggle against the temptation.

This month I am fighting the lure of Indie makeup.  Anyone watching Indie makeup knows that’s where it is at. 

Colours, ideas and formulas.

And the brand that’s making me want to break my No Buy is MAKEUP A MURDER.Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 2.56.59 PMAs a true crime buff, and almost a detective (everyone is guilty), I am dying (ignore the unintentional association ) to give my money to this brand.

I literally visit their website every few days and fill up my cart. Here is what is in it!

sponge pigment.001

Ofcourse the Crime Scene Cleanup Sponge. I am intrigued by the Blendiful but that will have to wait. And while I don’t need another makeup sponge this is calling out to my soul.

Then I have the  Pastel Pigments. I am not a big pigment girl but I am yet to find a pressed pastel eyeshadow that will show up on my brown girl eyelids.20181020_133239-1 These pigments are the last frontier. If they work then money well spent. If not, I will give up on that dream, no biggie.

The Valentine’s Partner in Crime release. OOOO look at this beauty! I added this in my cart as soon as it was released. valen.001There are several palettes floating around the market with similar vibes. Natasha Denona Love, Smokey Glow x Midas Cosmetics, Kylie Stormi and Colourpop’s God-knows-which-release-but-I-have-lost-count one.

But know what makes this stand apart for me?

It doesn’t have any of the boring ‘transition/crease/brow bone’ matte sh*t!

I don’t care for more ‘skin-tone’ shades in my palette. I have too many as it is. And also no pinky pinks. Yaay.

And lastly the Crime Scene Trace Evidence Vol. 2 . browns.001This is the most beautiful brown palette I have ever seen. The only brown themed palette I want.

Often there is an over abundance of gold or gold leaning shades and  light to medium crease/transition/brow bone nonsense but not this one.

While I am not thrilled with the 2 brown mattes, because I have enough of those, I get it’s helpful to blend and layer and to support this brand I am happy to accept them.

And I am happy to overlook that bloody black!

Wish brands would just stop with the black once and for all. We ALL have too many blacks that will live long after we are gone.

A deep aubergine would have been great.

Anyway thats what I am lusting after right now.