Project Pan 2020: Makeup Inventory

This is a pictorial inventory of the main players in my #teamprojectpan2020 .

Eyes, Lips, Face.EyeLipFace.001These are products I most want to pan. Some are old, some rarely used and some I am just bored with.

Anyway I have placed an embargo (No Buy) on buying any more products in a category till I have whittled this sh*t down.

I have also come to realize I enjoy the act of buying rather than using. Once the makeup comes home with me I get overwhelmed and take the easy way out, which is  not using it atall.

And yet I want to buy the next shiny thing.

That needs to stop.

Mac, Loreal & Christian Loubotin: Most difficult items from my lipstick/lip colour stash are 3 matte Reds, 1 Fushcia Pink matte and 1 Metallic Taupe.

All bold and I don’t have many bold lip occasions in Seattle/Greater Seattle where the general dress code is, well, dress down.

The other item I must pan/use up/empty is the YSL Glossy Lip stain. It was expensive but more than that, it’s truly the best lipgloss formula I have tried.YSL Lip Glossy Stain.001I would hate to see it ‘expire’. Sadly I have it in a purple, so can’t pop it on willy nilly.

The next category I know I am going to get SICK of panning are my  highlighters.

Laura Geller’s Baked Gelato Illuminator in Ballerina is nice. Nice. I am bored with nice. Next!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette is AMAZING but I have had this more than 5 years. Time for a change, seriously!

I want to move onto new pastures. New pastures like Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold palette or Natasha Denona’s Bloom palette.

Honestly it will be a full year before I have hit some serious pan in these.

When I look at my Eyes collection I am not that bothered really.

I have only been buying Mini mascaras (best decision ever!) and out of eyeliner pens it would be nice to finish the Stila one because it’s a felt tip and I don’t like felt tips. I like the formula and how thin the nib is, but felt tips just skips and tugs my lids.

The Shu Uemura and Heroine Make, both Japanese brands are brush pens and a pleasure to apply.

Out of the Face category I have a love-hate relationship with the IT Cosmetics CC cream.

I would have bought a mini but they didn’t have the Tan one in stock for almost 6 months.

When I tried a sample of it I was floored! But when out of a tube, even a DOT makes me look cakey.

Where it’s not cakey its gorgeous, but around my mouth and between my eyebrows it sinks into lines I didn’t know I had. My skin looks like dry parched clay.

This might be one of the few products I actually trash if I can’t find a solution on how to make it look less cakey. Mixing in a drop of facial oil might be a solution but finding the right amount of both is tricky.

Eyeshadows The category most difficult for me, and the ONLY way is a  No Buy.  I shouldn’t care if God makes a palette.

Will I succeed ? Frankly, not sure.

I have a few shadows/palettes kicking around but these are the main players.

Small Eyeshadow Palettes:

Natasha Denona Coral, Viseart Petit Pro 1, Tom Ford Body Heat, Chanel Tisse Chambon, Smashbox Smokey.IMG_3960

Large Eyeshadow Palettes:

Viseart Dark Mattes, Paris Nudes, Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam, Jackie Aina, Pat McGrath Mothership SubversiveViseABHPat.001I keep think of new ways to help with panning. (previous post here ) and this time it is the Eyeshadow Palette Roulette.


Put all names in a bag and every week, pick one out at random. And then use that palette for 7 days.

It’s probably the best one yet.

It gives me time to understand the formulas, learn how to best layer the shades and how to make even difficult palettes like Pat McGrath’s Subversive, work for day and night.

Good Luck to me!