Eyeshadow Brush: Flat Domed Shadow Brush

Me: Matured, textured, hooded lids with very little lid space.CG PurpBlueGreen.001

Eyeshadow palettes are my thing so obviously eyeshadow brushes are the tools I am most finickity about.

I am no expert but even then I would say the flat domed eyeshadow brush is the most versatile of the lot.

A good quality domed brush can;

  • buff out eyeprimer,
  • pack shadow across the lids,
  • blend shadow along the crease,
  • buff shadow under the brows,
  • apply highlight along the inner eye and
  • smudge shadow long the lower lashline!

It’s a Super Brush!  The only other brush I do need is a small tapered eye blender brush like the Morphe M506 if I want to deepen up my outer V.


Remember though the brush can’t be too short, too fluffy, too slim or too stiff. It has to be just right, like that porridge!

And my favourite brushes are Japanese natural hair brushes. This goes for both makeup and art supplies.

‘Sorry Zeb and Noor for the natural (animal) hair.’

Noor Zeb

My Superstars are;

  1. Wayne Goss No 6, blue squirrel,
  2. Chikuhodo GSN 9, grey squirrel
  3. and the Sonia G Worker Pro, goat hair.

All three are SssssOFT and diffuse pigment beautifully.

Domed Eye Brush
Chikuhodo GSN9, Wayne Goss 6 and Sonia G Worker Pro

I would say the Wayne Goss is the weakest of the three. While it can be used on both powder and cream I use it only for eyeshadow powders.Wayne 6 It’s the weakest in terms of laying down colour, mattes or shimmers. Also it seems temperamental.  It works brilliantly with a Viseart formula but not so great with Pat McGrath.

The Chikuhodo GSN 9 is small-medium in size, perfect for eyelids with restricted ‘real estate’. I am SO impressed with this brush and feel SO lucky that my first Chikuhodo is this gem!

Deposits pigment like a boss and diffuses beautifully. The bristle size is shorter than the Wayne Goss and appears a wee bit thicker and yet retains a lot of movement and softness.SONIAWAYGSN

This GSN 9 is perfect to lay down a matte or a shimmer, diffuse and out the door you go !

And then there is the Sonia G Worker Pro ( size perfect for my eye shape)

I feel like this can tackle any formula, Pat M, Viseart, Nat Denona, Tom Ford…not Chanel. Not my damned Chanel quad that is…but thats a whole different post! read here.

The SoniaG especially seems to excel with shimmers, sparkles and metals.

In terms of diffusing I think the edge of this brush is not as fluffy as the GSN 9 but that could be a function of how many times I have washed the Sonia G.

They are supposed to become fluffier and really come to their own after a few washes, so we’ll see.

I haven’t been impressed with the synthetic brushes like Real Techniques ( the purple and black handles) or Morphe for my eyes. To stiff and scratchy.

The Anastasia brush that is included in every ABH palette is trash. The flat domed side is softer in the newer palettes, like the Jackie Aina one, but the blending side will still leave your lids bleeding.


But I do have to give an honorable mention of a brush here. A no name synthetic brush from WALGREENS!!

Its beautifully soft and the domed side works well with Wet nWild and ABH eyeshadows.WALGREENS BRUSH

It does struggle to pick up shimmers but it is a humble no name brush and is as functional, or not, as other synthetic brushes.

I own a Sigma pencil brush. I am impressed. Nicely stiff and not scratchy!

Anyway wrt to Japanese brushes one brand that still eludes me, Hakuhodo!

I especially want to get my hands on the tapered blending brush that’s supposed to be especially good for small (lid space) hooded eyes. Can’t wait. *smacking lips*