Makeup Resolutions 2020: Jan Check-In

Me: Matured. MAC NC 40. Dry-normal skin. Lines, wrinkles and freckles!



January 2020 – What I want but won’t buy

It’s not even the end of the FIRST month of the year and I feel like I need an intervention !

Like sugar and bread, makeup is difficult for me to resist and my attempts at a No Buy have been a fail.

I am hoping this monthly check-in will keep me accountable. My quick tip on Coping Mechanism end of post.

(My last failed attempt and what my triggers are here )

New Releases:  Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeliner, Pat McGrath OpuLUST gloss, Colorpop Mint To Be.

CT PT Eyeliner + Minto.001

I have to start with Crazy-pop. Other than buying that one Disney Designer eyeshadow palette (post here) I have never been interested in ANY Colorpop release till this one.

The MINT To BE palette. While I fear it might not be brown girl friendly I really want to try it.

Also pastels are incredibly hard to formulate and while I fear it is more likely to be a fail on my eyelids, the colour scheme speaks to me.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk this and Pillow Talk that. The lip does nothing for me. My lips are too purplish and the eyeshadow quad is like ‘ummmm where?’ on my NC40 eyelids.

But the Pillow Talk Eyeliner pencil is ME. It’s Me!!!! It Me!!!. That beautiful burgundy-brown. OMG. Can you imagine this on brown lids ?? Heaven.

And then this kick in the teeth by Pat McGrath. I LOVE glitter on my lips, ok !

PatM Opulust

And these soon to be released OptuLust glitter glosses are…oh pulling all my strings.

Who says ole ladies can’t wear glitter.

Soft glitter/shimmer on the eyes and lips wakes my face up. I have brown skin so blush doesn’t always do that ‘wake up’ thing, but a sparkle here and there does.

Sale: Pat McGrath 50% Mini M0thership Subliminal Platinum Bronze.

Yes thanks Pat, kick a gal while she is down.

What the Actual Fk. Why couldn’t this happened last year ?Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 5.09.25 PM

This is the only, the ONLY mini Mothership palette I ever wanted.

Those taupey, mauvey shimmers are everything to this cool tone loving gal.

But a sale, right in the beginning of my No Buy year? No just No. I will not fail so early in the game.

Bloody cosmic joke. grrrrr!

Old Products, New Obsessions: Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliners, Charlotte Tilbury Glitter/Shimmer Lipstick, Hourglass Scattered Light glitter pots, NYXUDCTHourglass.001

I have always liked glitter on my lips but now I like how they make eyes look. And while Temptalia’s latest post does scare me about glitter I still want it :(.

NYX Vivid Brights, Lancôme Artliner Precision Point Liquid Eyeliner.

My interest in coloured liquid eyeliners is not new but rather re-newed.

Basically I am not an all matte eyeshadow girl but I need to start panning a few of the mattes I have in my multiple eyeshadow palettes.

Especially the 50 shades of brown. Ugh.

So what I discovered is that a coloured rich metallic or bright eyeliner gives me the pop I need for my eye.

Lucky for me I have a beautiful Maybelline Navy metallic liquid liner. And once I ‘pan-it’ I can buy another…a few…..maybe a Blood Red, Navy, Purple and Emerald Green.

How I am coping this month: Aside from saving money for ‘life’ I use these methods

  1. Playing with what I have to fall in love again.
  2. Duping the vibes of what I want.
  3. Telling myself these items permanent and will be there next year
  4. If they are not, I find I lose interest in them by then too.
  5.  A new improved version/formula will be available by then to peak my interest.

Damn its only the 18th of Jan.