Why I didn’t buy Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1

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I am not a Tati fan. Merriam-Webster “an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator / an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)”.

But I like Tati enough where I don’t mind sending my money into her bank account. And that’s what counts.

This palette gives me ALL THE FEELS. It is the palette I never knew I wanted and when I saw it I fell in love. To me it’s a coup as a first release.

But I didn’t want to buy it without ‘real’ reviews. And also because I don’t care about FOMO ‘ fear of missing out’ I didn’t buy it at launch.

While waiting for the reviews, I did what I usually do whenever Natasha Denona releases a palette. I played with dupe the vibe of the palette.

This is nutting out the feeling the palette is giving me. The reason I want it. But that usually starts with what DOESN’T attract.

I am not drawn to the Black/smoky/grey/silver or the last Burgundy or Pink columns (it’s difficult to tell in photographs.)

At a more expensive price point like Natasha Denona or Pat McGrath, the palette would be out at this point, I mean I don’t even bother with the ‘vibes’ because I will not buy it whatever happens.

But because I think the Tati palette is winner I continue on. I don’t want to write it off at this point.

So I start playing ‘shop my stash’ to find out whether I REALLY appreciate the vibes the palette is giving me.

In a mind boggling turn of events I have been reaching for the 2 most boring palettes in my collection to re-create the vibe that attracts me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam and Colorpop Disney Designer collection!20181210_110307

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And yes I am really enjoying the looks I am getting from duping the vibes of the Tati palette which means if everything works out this baby will be mine!

Now for the formula. Having dabbled with Tom Ford and Pat McGrath palettes I am spoiled to a point where I ONLY want fantastic formulas, that’s it.

And then the reviews came out…..

Positive yes however the ‘buts’ got me.

I really really wanted the glitters to be non-fallout-y. But the palette does not contain the ‘super duper magic no-fallout’ glitter formula I was hoping for.

I also wanted the ‘sparkle‘ to be magical. I literally pictured them to be like twinkling stars on my lids. They are not. They appear to be satin-mattes that come with micro glitters, a little heavy handed blending might get that glitter to ‘fly off your lids’.

In my stash it is Pat McGrath’s special formulas that give me the sparkly, glittery feeling that I wanted the Tati palette to be.

So I closed the book on Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 and sent hubby the memo ‘Terminate project ‘buy Tati’s palette as a Christmas gift for Tina’.

I am sad. I so wanted to send a multi millionaire some of my money, damnit!

Makeup is magic and imagination, and when something doesn’t live up to the magic I was hoping for in my imagination, I get disappointed.