Nordstrom Sale 2019 : Beauty Bio Glo Pro Micro-needle Set

The $179 GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool is an expensive item and I am glad I picked it up at the Nordstrom Sale.IMG_2867

Website spiel:

  • Painless (promise!) microneedling treatment helps create bouncy, younger-looking skin and tighter-looking pores
  • Stimulates skin with LED red light and microcurrent treatments for an immediate, healthy glow
  • Enhances topical skincare absorption by 200x with vertical exfoliation
  • Increases collagen production to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Use 3 times a week, for 60 secs each time. Change head every 2-3 months.

The set comes with separate face and body heads, few toner pads, a moisturiser, an eye cream, a body lotion and an empty spritzer bottle for Isopropyl alcohol.


The 0.3mm needles of the facial head is painless even on the boniest part of my forehead. I also use it around my lips and area along the orbital bone under my eyes.face attachment.001I am not going to bother buying the separate eyes and lip heads available at Sephora.

On first use the tiny needles feel like I am tapping a hairbrush on my face, but gentler. Gradually even that sensation disappears. Seriously my Tarte Tingling Treatment stings more!

Truth be told I wanted a little bit more pain to feel like it was doing something. 🙂 

The attachment for the body is 0.5mm needles. IMG_2871It’s mean’t for ‘bat wings’ under arms and around the outer butt crease but its pretty tedious and difficult to maneuver so I don’t bother. In-fact I now use it on my face and again feel nothing.

Do I recommend you do that ? No. But I know my mother-in-law started with 0.5mm and now uses slightly longer needles on her face so I feel I am good.

A word of warning. Do not use the 0.5mm (body attachment) on your neck. The skin there is just too thin, especially if you are a newbie like me. I used it and never again. My neck was itchy like I had a heat rash. No redness or anything just an irritated itchy feeling.


Pre-moistened skin prep pads which acts like a clarifying & hydrating toner. It is alcohol free and contains citric acid and peptides. I really like it.

A lovely whipped moisturiser that feels beautifully hydrating, cooling and luminous post the needles. I does contain Dimethicone as the second ingredient. While I don’t have a problem with silicone I don’t enjoy the feeling of  a ‘silicone layer’ on my face, however in this cream it’s very subtle.

An eye cream. This is a balm-like cream that warms up when applied with a finger and absorbs well. Because of its texture it’s also great for travel because there is no worry of leakage. It 

An excellent fast absorbing body lotion. I often skip body lotion because I can not stand that sticky feeling but this doesn’t do that. 


I use it three times a week as recommended. I use it on cleansed skin, after a double cleanse to be more precise.

I exceed the recommended 60 secs of single use, every time. But then again I am not sure if that’s even possible. 

As I cross hatch across both cheeks, forehead and around my mouth the 60 secs is long over!


As with all skincare one needs about 3 months of consistent use to see any difference so right now I can’t tell one way or another. However I am so damned glad I bought it!

On days I don’t micro-needle I use my jade roller and gua sha tool on my face. Jade Roller Gua Sha

Oh well, hopefully with all this rolling and needling the jowls along my chin will tighten and the pesky lines on my forehead will halt their march.