Ugh: Kathleen Lights*Colorpop So Jaded Palette

WTF is this palette ?

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 8.03.58 PM

‘So jaded’ is aptly named though. I am so jaded by eyeshadow palettes that this run-of-the-mill mish-mash of a palette is not going to get my money.

Even the beautiful website swatches are a snooze fest.

We have all been asking Colorpop to c.t.Fk.d with their releases but do they listen? Anyho however annoying it is, they do manage to churn out interesting stuff. Till this one.

Kathleen Lights x Bullsh*t. 

Gives me a headache just looking at this hodge-podge.  I tried to re-arrange it so I could be objective. Nope, it’s still a boat load of boring!Rearranged

Shades of ‘skintone’ and transition mattes that every palette, in every home, on every vanity, has multiple times over.

More shimmers of champagne, gold, yellow gold, gold-ish, pinkish gold. silver, silver gold…yaddayadda that even a small makeup enthusiast like me has multiples of.

And then they included a Super Shock shadow ? How ??? These super shock dry up in their pots, how will they not in a non-airtight palette? Maybe they jigged the formula so it’s more stable in a palette ? Dunno.

And the fantastic non eye safe glitters that have been included. You do you, but I am staying the heck away.


It’s sold out and it boggles the mind.

And then again it doesn’t. Stans, Fans, eBay /Ali Expres re-sellers and the worst of the lot: the ‘oh look so many shades for so little money’. Yea so what ?

They are all un-necesary and nothing new.

Now Colorpop’s colour capsules were/are a great idea. Not for me only because the colours weren’t vibrant enough, except for this Purple beauty. This is a coup!Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 8.06.12 PM

Sadly I didn’t buy it either because I am not fond of Colorpop’s shimmers or glitters.

I rather save my cash and invest in a Natasha Denona or Viseart for that.

And sorry to be a party pooper but sometimes a makeup item will come along just to piss me off. 🙂






    • I am just surprised at how repetitive this launch is ? CP are known for a release a min, but they do bring out great stuff…and then this??? Is it like a last min cash grab- contractual obligation kind of thing I wonder

    • You are right. Their 9 pan colour capsules releases this year were/are fab, I didn’t pick any only because most of them are not vibrant enough for my skintone. I think the Purple would def show on me but their shimmers are not my fav. formula. Love their mattes though!

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