Nope: PatMcGrath Mothership VI, Midnight Sun

Pat McGrath’s is one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas. She is special so I only spend money on a MOST special release from her! It’s like visiting a famous patisserie to sample their special petit fours, not their banana bread.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 6.02.27 PM

This Midnight Sun was like Banana Bread to me. Well baked, beautifully flavoured but still a slice of banana bread.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 6.03.35 PM

So this is where it went Banana Bread for me.

I own MotherShip III Subversive. (read review here Best Eyeshadow Palette 2018: Pat McGrath Mothership

In my opinion it’s the most special.  I have regretted missing out on Decadence because then I would have TWO PatM palettes. Anyway moving on.PatM Subversive

Midnight Sun: Skinshow Moon Glow. Very similar to the Subversive’s Skinshow Fever. Midnight Sun is cooler and Subversive’s is a Champagne.Skinshow Fever

Firstly On most days I am not drawn to this family of shades for my eyelids. Rose, Champagne, cool or warm don’t pop enough on my hooded, NC40 skintone.

I don’t reach for it in my Subversive and I did not want another variation of the same in Mothership VI.

Secondly I have reached a point in my eyeshadow palette life that I don’t want skintone shades in my palettes. I don’t want them in my Colorpop palettes and I certainly don’t want to waste money and opportunity in my $125+ Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes.

So with points 1 & 2 the first half of this palette is a write off.  4 shades out of 10 I literally have NO interest in. Midnigth Sun Quad.001

Also as I grow older I live recklessly 🙂 If I have to use a palette without transition, brow bone and crease shades, I don’t care. My melanin rich medium-tan eyelids give my eyeshadows enough depth so I don’t want palettes to waste space on those shades.

Midnight Sun 2.001

For the 6 remaining my eyes jump straight to the Gold. Gold shimmer, like a Champagne shimmer, has become like the annoying BLACK in every eyeshadow palette.

How many golds do we need ? Gold in my sarees and Gold in my bank. That’s it.

Seriously the only time I will wear gold eyeshadow is when I attend an Indian wedding. I would say ‘date night’ but with all the amazing duo-chromes and bright shimmers in the market today no one should waste time with Gold. It’s just outdated.

The only gold worth its space in an eyeshadow palette is the dirty antique gold that is in the Mothership III Subversive palette! I can accept that one.Subversive Gold

The Blitz Violet Orchid v/s Blitz Amethyst is a personal choice and I can live with one or the other, I don’t need both.

Basically while I like purples and violets am not mad for them and prefer them as mattes for crease and outer v.

This is a swatch from Mel Thompson’s YouTube video comparing Midnight Sun v/s Subversive and my own swatch of Blitz Amethyst from Subversive.Subversive Blitz Amethyst.001

I am not into Astral Ghost Orchid (Subversive) or Astral Solstice (Midnight Sun).  I could take one or the other. They have a learning curve and I haven’t started on that curve.

So finally there are only 2 shades I want in Midnight Sun so I didn’t buy the palette.

Final Midnight Sun Palette.001

Would I have bought it if there was no Subversive in her collection ?

Well I would still yearn for Decadence, and it would be a toss up between Bronze Seduction and Midnight Sun.

It would involve much heming and hawing, live swatching at Sephora AND finally the palette that has the LEAST amount of ‘skintone’ mattes.