Suva Beauty Saffron Eyeshadow Palette

Me: NC 40-42 Indian skintone. Oily lids are the bane of my life.

This palette reminds me of Indian weddings, Diwali and Kanjeevaram sarees. Happy memories of gold, red and glitter. This is a happy palette! It was gifted to me by my most fabulous sister-in-law and I have been testing it out since.


Suva Beauty Saffron Palette. Made in China. Formulated without: Parabens・Sulfates・Phthalates・Gluten. Cruelty Free (

Stars of the Palette:

The stand out shades in the palette is the red, Paprika and the glitter Star Anise.saffron palette.001

Paprika: Now it might not impress a lot of people because it’s not a vibrant, in yer face blue-red. Paprika needs to be built up and has never looked the way it looks swatched on Suva Beauty’s website.

However I really love how it translates on my eyes. It’s a warm toned wearable red. Infact red is now my favorite eyeshadow look. 10pFJ+x4QxOkUediZmp4rQ_thumb_1231.jpg

It hard pans easily so careful with that. I just scrape the top off, no biggie.

Star Anise:  This is a star in terms of the shade. It gorgeous !!! Formula wise I wish it wasn’t a glitter, but a shimmer instead. Chunky glitter formulas like these emphasizes the texture of my lids. I don’t foil it either, because again it amplifies the texture on my lids.swatches.001

It works well with my NYX glitter glue and after the initial glitter fall out it stayed put.

Worn as topper over Turmeric and Saffron. Can you see the glitter on my lashes and on the cheek? 🙂

Star Anise also looks good as a topper (worn over another shade). I prefer it over Turmeric. Remember, it’s glitter so it has a passport to travel!

Also careful with wetting your brush and foiling the shadow because the shadow gets wet easily, in fact can even get a bit paste-y!! And I had only sprayed my brush with water.I kept the box open to ‘air’ the shade out because I was worried about mold.

Hidden Gems & Honorable Mentions:saffron palette.001

Cinnamon: A matte, ummm cinnamon coloured shade. A terracota brown. Builds well from a light pink to a darker red brown. It’s a great companion shade to Paprika.

A mauve look created by working with Cinnamon and Ginger! Crazy huh ?

QNWrPImCRSSKQnmEGet8rw_thumb_1232.jpgGinger: Is a matte white with a slight sheen to it. I like it. It’s a white that works well on melanin, atleast on my melanin. I like to wear it on my brow bone, inner corner (for that lit up look) and use it over the other shadows to tame them down.

Clove: It is a matte dark brown and I am impressed how well it blends. Remember how awfully Cypress Umber, in the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, blends? Not Clove. It has fall out so be careful.

Corriander: Swatched above but is not in my  hidden gems/honorable mentions category. It’s a champagne shimmer and I don’t use it that much. Champagne is just not a colour I am attracted to. I wish it was a duochrome with another shift to it. Pink? 


Sarson (aubergine), Saffron (bronze) and Turmeric (yellow gold)
turm & sarson
Turmeric and Saffron. Turmeric has fallout

The shimmers feel buttery to the touch. They apply well with a flat brush, a cheap sponge applicator and with finger. Again I don’t/didn’t use them wet.

I personally prefer Saffron (bronze) over Turmeric.

Turmeric I wear over Paprika. Then it looks like my wedding saree 🙂JcZ5KT20Tome1mlWIHZQhg_thumb_122a.jpg

What I really dont like is the packaging. I am not a big packaging person but cheap-looking is not my jam.

I really dislike it. It’s cardboard which I am completely fine with. What irks me is it is more expensive than Colorpop and Colorpop packaging is way better.

This is filmsy and the foil is almost creased. It looks just like when kitsch is ‘foiled’ to look expensive. It’s the worst looking of all my palettes including WetnWild and Covergirl.

The website describes it as ‘Designed in gold foil packaging, this palette is for everyday glamour.’ tis not, glamorous that is.

Having said that Suva Beauty is the only indie brand I own and I understand the financial constraints of that situation. I will be interested in seeing what Sydney Grace or Blush Tribe looks like (I am looking to investigate these 2 brands)


As much as I love this palette I am frustrated by it too. A ABH Soft Glam situation! I love it but it hates me.

The shadows will NOT stay on my lids! The mattes fade and the shimmers crease and leave bald patches.

I use the WetnWild ColorIcon shadows as my yardstick of longevity on my lids for comparision.

I have oily lids and I am still researching into whether these Suva beauty shadows have a higher content of emollients (with oil) than the WnW formulas. Or is it a type Silicone that’s messing with my lids.

I am #teamprojectpanning my Urban Decay Primers so I will not buy any primers till, lets be realistic, the end of this year.

Post that I will invest in the Nars primer which folks with oily lids swear by. So the jury is still out on the this palette.


I will not be testing/buying Blush Tribe or Sydney Grace as they use mineral oil and coconut oil, respectively in their formulas.  Very Sad 😦 heard such good things about these two

Suva Beauty Shimmers have a coconut oil derivative as the second ingredient.

So there is very little hope for me. Oils and naturally oily lids are just not the best combo. Probably few primers can combat nature.

ABH Soft Glam the palette I love to hate has Glycerine as a major component. So again slipy-slidey off my lids!