ShopHush/Bad Habit Eyeshadow Palettes: Why I didn’t Buy any.

Bad Habit deserves its place in the sun because I see positive reviews about their palettes and I respect that.

And while I don’t have a problem with ‘inspired’ palettes, an e.x.a.c.t dupe is a bit Single White Female for me!

Having worked in a creative industry all my life I respect ideas, innovation, vision and creativity. Copying word for word, same for same is lame.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.12.14 AM
Like when Bollywood rips off Hollywood.

But all that aside, I am selfish and looking out for Number 1 (me) and ‘coin‘ is a bigger issue for my shallow heart.

This morning I was this close to checking out with a cart full of Pat McGrath, ABH and Huda Beauty dupes and then I cleared my cart and closed the browser.

What’s the point ?

Pat McGrath Labs is the most expensive of the lot and a cheaper dupe would be most helpful for my greedy heart and poor bank balance. But no.

A Mother dupe is pointless folks. It’s like good liquor v/s moonshine.

Forget the artwork, the luxe packaging, her colour stories, it’s her formulas that make her stand apart. Especially her shimmers, glitters and metals! What the hell, her mattes too. Impact, blend and staying power.

VR Pink, Gigabyte, Blitz Amethyst and Black Metal

My husband asked me “which factory does she use ? How can she afford such top notch formula technology? How come the other companies are not accessing these formulas”.

‘I don’t know’ was my answer, but now I want to know. I absolutely do not believe Bad Habit can dupe that formula for that price, unless they own the factory Pat uses.

Anastasia Beverly Hills  I am dying to try Prism and Subculture but don’t want to pay full price. I would love to score it at a discount from TJ Maxx or Marshalls, if I ever get my a** there. So Retro Love and Aura would have been perfect to fill that hole.retroauraNow if you have read any of my recent posts you are familiar with my rant over Soft Glam (ES palette fail here). I will love to hate, no actually Hate to Love that palette.

She hates my eyelids and I feel rejected.

So I thought to myself. If the original Subculture had backlash and I have a bad time with their formulas staying on my lids with Soft Glam, I might run into the same problems Bad Habit ?

I did not want to swap iffy with iffy.

Huda Beauty This brand annoys me because I find the brand owner vapid. I know she did finance at uni (finance is my personal Nemesis) and is a talented MUA but….

To me it’s a a bit like Kim K and Ko. (…eww someone stop me).

Every time my cat comes across more interesting than a person, it’s a problem! And my cat was seriously vacant.

So while I would love to try her Obsessions palettes and would have neither loved nor hated the Shop Hush/Bad Habit dupes I just went ‘nah!’.

I will admit to gawking at the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes on And realise very quickly that only few shades attract me. And this happens everytime, I switch to another tab to look at the Viseart Theory palettes.  And there I find more usuable shades in a similar colour story. theory.001

Obsessions v/s Theory:  I don’t care for ‘more for less’ because it’s usually a false economy because I never use the ‘more’ anyway. And just by sitting idle and staring at me the ‘more’ starts to bug me.

NB: Desert Dusk. I was obsessed with owning it but couldn’t afford it. And then when I could, I didn’t want it anymore because I had moved onto to warm greens and cool taupes.

And then she released her beautiful Nudes palettes. But I already own the UD Naked 3 and I am struggling with it. (read post here)

Naked3 final
Urban Decay Naked 3

I thought a lot of the looks I would create would be similar to those from the Naked 3. Excepting for the kicka** shimmers/glitters she has in the Nude.

But now that I own Pat McGrath shadows I am not even interested in trying anyone else’s shimmers or glitters  (except Viseart’s that is)

So that’s my story about the beginning and end of Shop Hush/Bad Habit.

If I ever want cheaper eyeshadow palettes I will buy WetnWild. I absolutely LOVE their formula. WnW and my eyelids play really well together.