2018 Eyeshadow Fail: ABH Soft Glam

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam.

This palette annoys and frustrates me on so many levels.

Pet Peeve: This palette ruined English. It’s Dusky Rose not Dusty Rose. As in the light at dusk on colours ? Thank you Pat Mcgrath for correctly naming your shade Rose Dusk, but then you ARE British.

The hype around ABH is deafening in BeauTube-sphere. I hankered for at least one ABH palette. Subculture and Prism are more my jam but both were ‘out of stock’. And Modern Renaissance is super boring. Soft Glam is a bee-on-tiful palette that is perfectly named.

Eyeshadow ABH Soft Glam
Top to bottom: Shimmer; Bronze, Sultry, Rose Pink, Glistening and Fairy

It adds sophisticated oomph without going OTT. ‘Soft-glam’.

It has voluptuously pigmented shades that show up on my NC40 eyelids and easy to blend. Except for Cyprus Umber, the dark brown.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1187It is an easy palette that doesn’t need much thought, great for travel and can take you from day to a ‘soft glam’ night.eye swatch car

Perfect? Almost. The bloody problem is the formula. It will NOT stay on my lids.

With or without primer (UD Anti Aging), with or without concealer, set or not, dry or wet, summer, winter, sweat no sweat makes no difference. It disappears especially in the area around my inner lid. It is such an issue for me I am embarrassed to wear it when I am going out. Who likes patchy eyeshadow?

I own palettes from Urban Decay, Wet and Wild, Covergirl, BH Cosmetics, Viseart, Pat McGrath and NYX. All sit happily on my lids till I take it off.

I have oily eyelids but I am obviously doing something right when I work with the other palettes, but this problem child defeats me.

The worst are the shimmers and I can only assume it might be the high silicone in those shades and my eyelid. But what about the mattes ? They disappear too, not as quick though.

So now its just me and the grocery store check out clerk who gets to see my in all my soft glam glory.

Fun Fact: Know what are the best performing shadows on my lids? Wet and Wild and Mother Pat. Both sides of the tracks right there ! My lids aren’t snobs.