2018 Faves & Meh: Lip Gloss

Products Mentioned: YSL Glossy Stain, Lakme India Aquashine, Primark (UK) Gloss Metal, Colorpop Disney Princess Collection, LA Colors HighShine, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

I know it’s not the end of the year but I am just too excited about my stash and could not wait to gush about these babies.

For years I owned just 2 lip glosses. The YSL glossy lip stain. A beautiful light gel that is long lasting, comfortable on the lips and non-sticky. Sadly YSL is not cruelty free so I wont be re-purchasing, but this is a fantastic product. 

And other one I had was by an Indian brand called Lakme. Lakme Aquashine Lip Gloss in Wildberry. It has a beautiful shine, feels like a balm and not sticky. It is well pigmented and I love, love. love the sponge applicator. Most doe foot applicators pick up too much product for me. Not this one. You twist up to how much, or how little, you want and then spread it on your lips.  I love it. Sadly this gloss is discontinued. Why Lakme ???

So I was focussed on project panning these two and then closing the Lip Gloss door, for what I thought, was forever. 

But then in September we were in the UK out doing touristy things when I realised I left my lip balm back at the hotel. 

So I thought I would nip into the nearest store and pick up a gloss. Moisturise my lips, yes, but also add a nice shine especially when we were out for drinks later that evening. Caj-glam, you know.

I popped into Primark and picked up what I thought was a rose gold lip gloss for $2.

                                                                               Bronze Lips Gloss Metals

It’s not. It’s a metal gloss. I have never bought anything from Primark, never makeup and over all that, nothing metal. But this one impressed me . 

The gloss is thick and oddly not sticky. The doe foot is a big and picks up a lot of product so I have to  put a few dots on my lips and then spread that around with a lip brush. It is not patchy, settles well on the lips and lasts really well for a gloss!

With the lip swatches it has been impossible to capture the color or reflect of this product. By itself it is pretty ‘disco’ on my lips, because IRL it reflects more yellow than rose.

I put down a matte dark brown or pink and then apply the gloss over it. This makes it more wearable while still retaining the interesting metallic aspect of this gloss.

I am surprised to discover that I dont have a problem with ‘lip lines being emphasised with metals‘. I am having great fun with this one and am glad to enter this world of the ‘metallic’ lip.

Then in October I bought the Colorpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Bibidi . This was part of the Disney Princess collection so I HAD to. 

It feels like a gloss on the lips i.e. a bit sticky but not uncomfortably so. I like the size of the doe foot applicator because it is small and doesn’t pick up too much product.

However it failed to deliver on the promise of ultra-gloss or glitter so sadly I won’t be buying more glosses from Colorpop. I mean it’s not special enough to go through all that trouble of ordering online. I rather walk into a Walgreens and buy a Jordana gloss.

Then early November I was loafing around in Daiso, the Japanese dollar store in downtown Seattle when I saw the LA Colors display. I had been so impressed by the LA Colors lipliners that I had to try out this $2 LA Colors High Shine lipgloss.

It’s a pinkish-nude and has a lovely shine. While it’s a wet formula it is not overtly sticky, however I do fear the hair-stuck-to-lip thing. It has a sweet caramely smell and I am not a fan of sweet scented makeup.  Thankfully the scent does not linger. 

This gloss has enough shiny promise that, with the right lip liner it can be glammed up. Alas I am still to master that skill.  I am currently trying various combinations of these 8 lip liners I bought from LA Colors and hope to hit upon a winning combo soon :).

                                                                     $6 set of Lip Liners. I love them!

And now for left the BEST of the lot. The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Shimmering Rose Nude. It IS the bomb.com. Nude lips at their glam best.

                                                    Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb; Shimmering Rose Nude

It’s a thick balmy gloss with very fine micro shimmers that plays with the light to add dimension and juicyness to the lips. It has a pleasant scent that luckily for me, doesn’t linger. The angled doe foot applicator, is big but doesn’t pick up loads of product.  The angled edge is nicely ergonomic on the lips.

If you like the look of gloss then go out and buy it. 

As for me, I went from not caring much for gloss and to a legit card carrying member of the Lip Gloss Brigade.

I am now eyeing a Jordana one. It is clear with a bluey-iridescent shift. oooh fun!