Tips & Tricks: Hit Pan quicker in Eyeshadow Palettes

Me: Indian, MAC NC 40-42. Normal skin that is now veering towards dry as the years march on. I do not have sensitive, problematic or acne prone skin.

The answer is already there, just that we (I) choose to ignore it. Use the palettes for eyes, face and hair! Yes I know I said hair. I will explain more below.

NB: facial powders, especially newer formulations have hydrating ingredients in them, from blush to setting powders and eyeshadows are usually dryer formulations. (read my skin type disclaimer above) 

Eyeshadow palettes are like shoes. We collect them in multiples. But for some reason un-used eyeshadow palettes seem to cause me more anxiety than the shoes I don’t wear.

Time to end this passive aggressive, guilt inducing tyranny of these palettes. Let’s put them to work.

Whilst in the UK I used a Wet n Wild Color Icon palette as eyeshadow, setting powder, blush, bronzer and highlight. (Read post here) I love the simplicity of this practice and been continuing on the single palette trick even back home.

It’s a real thrill trying to use one palette and see how far it will go !

Viseart Petit Pro 1 Currently I am trying to hit pan in this and going whole hog.

Eyeshadow Viseart Petit Pro 1


I went to brunch and used this for eyes, contour and highlighter. The  khaki and the reddish brown mixed together make for a nice contour for my face and the white shimmer (below the white) as highlighter.

I used a mix of the gold and bronze shimmer on my eyes. The black as a ‘kohl’ liner. White on the brow bone.

I have also worn the purple shimmer, lightly, as a glowy blush.  Lightly being the operative word here.

In-fact across the board for eyeshadow palettes, use the shades LIGHTLY on the face and build it up. Even “lightly” pigmented shades on the eyes show up pretty bold on the face.

Viseart Paris Nudes I don’t own too many highlighters and definitely none from Mr and Mrs Popular (Jeffree Starr, Anastasia Beverly Hills) and every time I think ‘oh maybe I should get at-least one” I look at my Paris Nudes and think, ‘Nope. This is the best!’  This palette is my favourite ‘highlight and glowy blush’ palette.Eyeshadow Viseart Paris Nudes

Viseart shimmer shades receive a lot of flack for not being ‘shimmery’ enough. The lack of shimmer or glitter specks make for my kind of  perfect ‘glow’. ( read review of the Paris Nudes here)

The other versatile palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam.

Eyeshadow ABH Soft Glam
Top to bottom: Shimmer; Bronze, Sultry, Rose Pink, Glistening and Fairy

For my skintone I have a choice of 3 shades, Sienna, Rustic and Cyprus Umber that add dimension to my face.

Eyeshadow ABH Soft Glam

I layer or mix shades depending on what I am looking for on that day. Contour or bronzer?

On some days Sienna will do as both contour and blush. What I mean by that is it adds an interesting, yet natural colour and shape to my face.

I use a light dusting of Mulberry as a blush. It works for my skintone and more importantly, my undertone. But go LIGHT !!!

Dusty Rose also gives a nice soft flush to my cheeks.

Glistening and Rose Pink are my favourite highlighters from this palette. Glistening giving a ‘smoother’ finish.

Hair  Eyeshadows make for amazing root touch up! Obviously for greys and light hair. Root touch ups in the market make my hair greasy and stiff at the same time. I can feel that ‘waxy’ layer on the strands. Not eyeshadow.20181028_142810-1

Also the shadows don’t ‘run’  or transfer as I thought they would.

I used Dark Umber from Soft Glam to remove the starkness of the grey roots along the sides on my face.  The grey roots around my temples, especially when my hair is pulled back looks like I have bald patches along the sides. But not when I dust eyeshadow over them.

I have used purples and pinks too. Great fun!

The swatches done the back of my hands in this post look pretty scary, but on my face  they translate very well. It just looks like “makeup”.20181020_133239-1

So have fun, use what you have.Mag Pal Naked 3.001 I have even used that awful shade from Naked 3, DUST as a full on glitter highlight. It was a “embrace the glitter” moment I was having…and….I L.I.K.E.D it!

This is the beauty of makeup. It’s art, it’s creating, it’s discovery and it’s FUN.

I never thought I would EVER like glittery highlighter. And the best outcome of all I don’t need to buy blush, contour or highlighter for atleast….a year !