Colorpop Disney Collection: Eyeshadow & Lip Gloss; First Impressions

I have a weakness for dolls. Some of my best memories was a trip was to the Kolkatta Dolls Museum (Nehru Children’s Museum)  that my grandfather took me to when I was 8 years old.

dolls Museum
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Not Barbie and Industry ‘merch’,  but dolls like my Raggedy Ann or this precious Victorian porcelain doll. My Dolls

Next on my buy-list is a French regency doll and a female CLOWN doll. Just eff-y-eye clowns don’t scare me, I mean look at Raggedy Ann!!

So when dolls and makeup combine its a conspiracy, against me, obviously!

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 3.35.50 PM
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The story behind this Disney designer collection is interesting especially the ‘doll’ element of it.Disney Dolls.001

Sadly the dolls look like generic toy store costume dolls which does nothing for me.  I expected a more Fashion runway kind of an adaptation of that style.Disney Doll

Anyway I still wanted to own a piece of this story. So on the 7th of October 2018 (” hey No Buy how you going?”)  I hit SUBMIT on my order on

x1 Disney Princess eyeshadow palette and x1 Bibidi lip gloss.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 5.34.24 PM

I would have bought this lipstick too if it wasn’t sold out ! Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 5.22.01 PM

I love the palette because of the princesses on the cover. Without the princess artwork I wouldn’t have bought it. That’s the honest truth.Top Row.001

Chip: matte soft beige nude
Juju: matte warm rosy pink
Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
Triton: sand with a golden sheen –  I would call this a satin
Abu: matte intense warm brown – applies better on the eye than what I swatched.

All 5 shades, top row, are great even for an NC 40 Indian skintone like my eyelids. Usually it’s not easy for colours like these to make a difference on my lids but these shades do show up very distinctly.

Most specifically Chip. It is great for all over the lid and on my brow bone. It doesn’t come off ashy.

And Juju I LOVE. It is a very beautiful pink and not chalky. It gives me a nice contour in the crease. It’s good Juju!

Triton has a sheen and applied all over the lid is flattering for a subtle look. But I have used it in the crease too.

All of them are soft, pigmented and blend well. But you knew that already because everyone, excepting me, already owns atleast 1 colourpop palette 🙂

The shades I don’t like atall are Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother. 2nd row 1st and 3rd shade.IMG_5348I don’t like the glitter and the glitter fall out.  I applied both over the NYX glitter glue, with a dry flat synthetic brush, with wet flat synthetic brush and my fingers.

I wasn’t happy with any method.

Also I can see NO duochorome in Prince Charming, though it is described as such on the website. Fairy Godmother is definitely not ‘metal’ in my book (

Fairy Godmother can also be a bit patchy when applied wet.  Also as I was ‘dab dab dab-ing’ Fairy Godmother, it starts bright coral but then dusts away to a Barbie pink shade with glitter.

Ray: metallic champagne. 2nd row, 2nd shade.
One Kiss: metallic bright coppery gold. 2nd row, 4th shade
Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver. 2nd row, 5th shade
Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose. 3rd row, 1st shade

Gorgeous !!!

foiled metal.001These are beautiful metals. They are almost foiled. One Kiss described as a coppery gold is more yellow gold and Enchanted Rose looks more coppery on my lid.

What I am most impressed with is the silver foiled shadow. Silver is often patchy on me, with my melanin coming through but the Thingamabob formula is nicely opaque. Smooth tin foil eye lids if you like silver metals 🙂

The other WOW! shade is Poison Apple.

Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet

A beautiful pink violet. I would call it a satin. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it on my lids blended out with Juju or Grumpy. It has a nice brightness that doesn’t ‘close’ my eyes.violet.001

Magic Carpet: blackened plum – A satin finish

Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitterIMG_5351

Magic Carpet is what I would call Eggplant. It has more of a satin finish without an overt sheen. It can be a bit difficult to blend, as this type of colour often is, so build it up slowly. I prefer it in the outer V because black is a bit much for me.

Beast and Midnight Curfew are easy to blend mattes even though they are pretty dark! Infact Beast, the dark brown seems to blend better than the dark brown in my ABH Soft Glam palette. Oh yes!

The glitter in these dark matte shades ? Who knows ? One of the great mysteries in eyeshadow palettes. They add nothing but the glitter doesn’t fall out either !

Oh wait the BLACK does have fall out so do your eye makeup first.

With regards to lasting power. I have difficulty giving an accurate account for this.

Example ABH Soft Glam doesn’t last well on me atall. I am at a point where I wonder what the big deal about ABH is ?

I wore these with the Urban Decay Anti Aging eye primer. I wore it for 4 hours and the lasting power along the inner eye crease was not too great. That is my trouble zone.

This could be two things 1. I think I might put too much primer on or 2. My notoriously oily lids.

All in all I like this palette and happy that this is my foray into Colorpop shadows!

Bibidi lip glossNow the ONLY product I like with glitter it seems, is lipgloss and/or lipstick! And that’s exactly what this lipgloss is. Clear with subtle particles of glitter. I like the look. It is definitely not too much glitter. Dare I say I would have preferred a little more glitter 🙂Untitled.001

It is sticky. Hair-will-stick-to-it sticky but not gloopy. I bought it because I wanted a clear gloss. I like the glitter and it’s part of the collection, so.

Guilty Secret: I am tempted to buy any MERCH of Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I don’t because, you know, I am an adult. Frozen