Favourite est-test Eyeshadow Palette: Wet and Wild Color Icon

I now own a small collection of Viseart, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and Smashbox eyeshadow palettes but before all that, I had bought myself 3 Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes.Anti Haul emily wants.002

Rose in the Air, Not Your Basic Peach and Comfort Zone.(see previous posts 2 of the palettes here and here)

But I never realised how much I loved these palettes till I had acquired the rest of my posse and I still reach for my WnW palettes the most.

I like the size of the palettes, I love their staying power (longer than my ABH Soft Galm) and their blendability. But I still had to switch between the different CI palettes for a look.

So I decided to create my own One-stop-Palette.

I binned the dud shades and then swapped shades around to create palettes that, for me, work as ‘complete’ palettes.WnW New Palettes.001

The Final Annihilation of Rose in the Air.  I killed everyone’s favourite dupe of ABH’s Modern Rennaissance. HAHA.Rose in the AIr

At a pinch the “new” Not Your Basic Peach is a complete day and ‘new” Comfort Zone is evening/night. WnW My Own Pale

Perfect travel palettes ! Size and colour scheme. You don’t need masses of time to think or plan the looks. I can’t be bothered to spend too much time on makeup when traveling. Places to visit, cuisines to eat.

Thanks to these WnW palettes, I am not in the least bit interested in buying those standard issue nude/neutral, warm palettes from Too Faced, Tarte and company.

Also not tempted by palettes that have that one pop of Green or Blue that draws in your eye and then your cash.

‘I have it ….ALL’, she said.

But it is massively sad too. I don’t get to try interesting releases!

Huda’s new Nude palette or Urban Decay’s Born to Run or Makeup Revolution’s Emily Noel Wants palette. WnW Fav POst.001

I kinda go towards them and then look at what I have and think…oh well nevermind.

I don’t feel the need to try other drugstore (or drugstore prices) staples either.  Colourpop, Rimmel, NYX, Flower Beauty, Milani etc etc. I am not researching into ‘drugstore eyeshadows’. I have WnW and it works great.

Once panned I will buy the ones I want to try. Urban Decay Born to Run, Huda Beauty Desert Dusk, Makeup Rev Wants, Juvia’s Place Masquerade and the like.

Mindless consumption aside, the quality of WnW to me fantastic and I have no idea why no one ever talks about them ????

Or have I got phenomenally oily lids and it is WnW’s ‘unique’ formula that works best on my kind of lids ? Whats the scoop ?









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