Brown Girl Highlight : Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

First off if you are an Indian skintone like me, MAC NC40-42, then be careful about picking up Gilded Honey. Unless you like a yellowy, champagne gold highlight, swatched it and made a personal decision to pick it up for yourself.

The reason I say this is because an almost knee jerk suggestion made by your friendly Makeup counter assistant is that of Gilded Honey. No doubt it IS the most popular highlight. ‘But for which skintone’ is The Question.

My shade, as was conceded by the lovely Ulta assistant, was the one I chose for myself. BALLERINA ! Rose gold but has more of a golden reflect on the face. My face.

And I prefer this gold to the more yellowy gold reflect of Gilded Honey.

I am very very V.E.R.Y picky about powder/pressed highlighters. I do not want to see even the tiniest speck of shimmer or micro glitter. And I look at my cheeks via a x5 magnifying mirror.

Just for reference I am not impressed with the finish of the pressed Becca Champagne pop highlighter.

Now the ‘sheen’ I want is, usually,  best delivered by liquid luminizers but powders are so much easier and quicker to apply.

Right off the bat I will tell you I like this highlighter over every other highlighter I swatched at Ulta, close second would be the ones in the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess collection.

Colour preference aside lets say the Laura Geller one had the least amount of visible micro glitter.

Caveat: Makeup Revolution highlighters were not available to be swatched and the Dior Backstage face palette is not stocked at Ulta so I can not compare it with those.  Am eyeing the Dior Backstage though….

I have the Hourglass Ambient Light Edit and the Elf Blushed Gems. When I want something with a little more pop than the Hourglass edit the ELF is an option. However I can see micro glitter particles. I OCD over it.

Hourglass and ELF

I have tried to buff it, I have applied it wet, I have buffed over it with a wet brush and even used a damp sponge to ‘dab dab dab’ But I can still see the particles…

With the Laura Geller highlight my cheek bones pop and there is marginal visible particles.

Colour wise my win win choice would be if Ballerina was a more bronzey-rosey tone like that of Blushed Gems but….. it’s only makeup and no one really cares 🙂

In conclusion this is a happy purchase for me.

Now some of you will think “yea so what happened to your No Buy?”

Well I was invited to accompany a 13 y/o and we stood in line waiting for the doors to open for Ulta Beauty’s Kirkland grand opening …ALL… so we could get a ‘free’ gift.

My gift was a $10 off coupon. What did you want me to do ? I am not a Saint!