Project Pan: September Konmari Declutter

I started my project pan March 2018 (post here) and had an update in July (post).

Project Pan is constantly a  ‘teaching moment’. On how I view my makeup, the  impact of impulse purchase and letting go.

This month is about letting go. Letting go through the method of ‘Spark Joy’ (Marie Kondo of KonMari)

Sadly there are a few items from my project pan that I am letting go, into the bin. They are just not sparking joy.  Unfortunately they are too old, or damaged or too manky to be donated.

What I am fully committed to doing is to not REPLACE the product with yet another purchase of the same.  This means is a binned bronzer will not be replaced with another bronzer.BB and MAC.001No Joy: Bobbi Brown Shimmer powder blush ; Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge creme blush:

Both blushes are more than 5 years old.

For years and years I rarely used the shimmer powder blush.  It is just too pigmented, even with a light tap, and I had to spend ages buffing it or wiping it off. Not useful when one is rushing to take the train to work.

Same problem now. Too much trouble to use add to that the fact it’s lost it’s sheen.

As for the creme blush, when I got it as a gift I was ecstatic. I like the formula, I like creme blushes and I like the colour of this creme blush.

So what’s the problem ? At the cost of sounding like a pompous a#se it is literally not sparking any joy!!

While corals and peaches are what I love, in reality they don’t do anything for my face.  It doesn’t ‘wake up’ my face nor does it make it pop ‘youthfully’.

Maybe because I, literally, go red after a spin a class,  shades of dusky red or terracota are most flattering to my natural undertone rather than peach-coral shades.

No Joy: MAC Bronzer

This is around 6 years old. This was my first bronzer/contour. The MAC sales assistant suggested it to me and I bought it.  I can’t tell what it does for me but I know what it doesn’t do for me.

Shortly after that, I bought Benefit’s Hoola and Oh My. I used Hoola all the time. It really gave my face dimension. ‘Mirror I am gawgus….thanks!’

Anyway this MAC bronzer sat on my vanity and guilted me so I decided to attack the bronzer as part of my project pan.

It’s now been 6 months and it  continues to have no effect on me. Yes it deposits colour (same as my skintone) and has micro-glitter….but what of it ???

No shaping, no dimension, no interest. What’s the point ? This bronzer just sucks the joy out of project panning !

No Joy: Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil

Shu Mayb
Ignore the Shu Uemura (HG) calligraphy pen. This is a re-used image from a previous post of mine.

Since July this pencil hasn’t reduced even a wee bit though I HAVE worn this.

Initially the reason for buying this was because I wanted a black eyeliner for my bottom lash line. This liner stays ON but it also smudges, like C.R.A.Z.Y.  This is really scary when I try and wear it out, you know like outside my front door in front of real people with eyes!

Also the black is pitch black which is just too harsh on my bottom lashes ….that pesky age thing I guess !  So sadly…bye bye Maybelline pencil.

Items that are going well with my project pan are; Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder, Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencil (wear it on my lower lashline), the 2 Maybelline lippies and the ELF undereye high def setting powder.Untitled.001

I wont be repurchasing any of the above. For the powders I have the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder (mini) and for the lippies and the eyeshadow stick I have other stuff in my stash to pan next.

These products are annoyingly close to the end but being a stay-at-home wife ( temporarily…..praying that changes soon!!!) I don’t have anywhere to go to everyday that requires makeup.

If I had a job like any other normal person these would be long over!

That’s the other thing that makes project pan so hard for me. 😦 There is a limit to being over-made up for the grocery store. Sigh.