Beauty Diet: No Buy July 2018

July 2018 is my first No Buy month. No buy includes Makeup and Skincare. My aim is to go on a 3 month no buy ie July, August and September.

Why? Well I am eyeing a Canon camera. A simple point and shoot with really convenient features. I really liked it and decided to put in a ‘sacrifice’ of sorts, so I could ‘earn’ this camera.

July 2018:. No Buy: <check>

I did have a wobbly moment when the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette (yes that one) went down to $21 dollars, but I recovered soon enough, probably because it was always out of stock haha.

Truth be told I am not worried about makeup, I have enough to go on a 6 month no buy, it’s skincare that is going to pose a real problem.

At an alarming level is my Pixi Glow tonic (glycolic acid). Chemical exfoliation is my thang, especially in summer when I am out in the sun so much. These will last me probably 1 more use.

Then what ? Leathery skin for the next 2 months? In the past this would be the time that I would panic…and…BUY. But not this time. I really want this No Buy to be a success.

OK, so alternatives?  I am looking at an lactic acid alternative which is basically a plain yogurt face mask.

MASK: Plain Yogurt + turmeric. Lemon juice; optional. This wont be as strong as the Glow Tonic so I am assuming I would have to do the mask at-least twice a week.

Another alternative is also a face mask which is my Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. I LOVE this one !!! This is my 4th tube. It has Salicylic acid, Lactic acid and Fruit enzymes. Once a week in the shower. My face is baby soft after this.

At worrying levels are my mini Cerave Hydrating Facial cleanser and my full size Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum. 

The Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum is going to be hard. It’s summer and I am outdoors a lot. I really need that vitamin C.

God/cosmos/universal energy give me strength. (breathe…aim…keep Canon steady within the crosshairs )

I have the Derma E vitamin C serum that might carry me through(read post here). However the vitamin C in the Derma C is different to the Drunk Elephant one but the derivative is getting positive reviews so fingers crossed.

The Cerave Hydrating facial cleanser ? I have no alternatives. I use that in the shower, mainly post a workout and that will have to be on ‘pause’.

Skincare divas tell you NOT to wash your face in the shower as water temperature is typically hotter than what is recommended for your face. …Oh but the convenience of the shower…sigh.

My Garnier micellar water is EMPTY, it’s done. The micellar water is my first step in removing my eye makeup before I go in with a my double cleanse. Micellar water is great in correcting/wiping off eye makeup fk ups too.

My Neutrogena Oil-free makeup remover and my (‘magic’) makeup removing micro-fibre washcloths are viable alternatives. However the Neutrogena does give me fuzzy eyes (like an oil remover does). Also it is pretty emollient so I hesitate to correct eye makeup mistakes because I feel it will aid to more smudging or ‘moving” of the makeup.

Ok August…come on in!





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