Urban Decay Naked 3 and my Indian skintone

Damn you Urban Decay Naked 3,  I only ever wanted you to love me!

I came late into the eyeshadow game and by the time I got confident enough to play, Viseart had already hit the market and I went directly to Viseart. (never disappointed with those babies)

But I was curious about brands that seemed to be staples in everyone’s collection and I wanted to be just like everyone else ūüôā

So I bought myself an Urban Decay, an Anastasia Beverly Hills and a Smashbox palette. (Tarte and Too Faced looked just too meh with most of the palettes having too many dull brown and neutral shades.)

With UD, I had to get atleast one of the iconic NAKEDs.¬† Naked Smokey was what I wanted but it’s discontinued (why???) so Naked 3 was the next most interesting to me.

Pink is my favourite colour ( and my sister’s most hated colour; fun fact). My first ever eyeshadow was a Shu Uemura baby pink matte single.

Also I love mauve and cool pink undertones so Naked 3 it was.

Naked3 final

DAMNIT! Why didn’t anyone tell me all/most of the shimmers in the palette look the same on the lids ??¬†They had swatched beautifully, and distinctly, on my arm…?

Or is the palette just not meant for my NC40 Indian skintone eyelids ? Just not enough contrast between the shades and my eyelid ?

My eyelids are not overly pigmented nor do I have dark circles on my eyelids.¬† When using the palette I often use a concealer as primer or Kat Von D’s whiteout concealer to kind of ‘wipe’ out any colour.

I don’t have a shiny oily face. It’s Dust thats flown all over my face.

I don’t mind that the matte shade Limit does not show up on my lids because¬†Nooner works great against my skintone. That is perfectly fine because a palette should have the ability to cater to a wider range of skintones. The white matte¬†Strange is great for under the brow bone.

What about the shimmers, the main reason I bought this palette ?


3rd shade Burnout and #5 Buzz look similar on my lids, even though one is satin and the other is a shimmer.

Same with #5 Buzz and #6¬†Trick. Yes¬†one is more pink and the other more rose gold but on the lid¬† they don’t look that different.¬† Infact I went to lunch with one on each lid. I have Nooner in the crease and Strange to set my concealer (primer).Buzz Trick clean

Same with #8 Liar and #10 Mugshot. I could have one on each lid and you couldn’t tell the difference.

I had also thought Naked 3 could take me from ‘work’ to ‘wine’ especially with Mugshot. No I cant.¬† Wet or Dry they just don’t stand out for a night time glam look on my lids.UB deeper combo.001

I appreciate that the dark shades Factory, Darkside and Darkheart are not full on dark and deep because I find that kind of intensity difficult to work with. Personally I am able to deepen the outer v with these shades without panic. I do like that!Fac DkSide Dk Heart

I don’t need to mention DUST do I ? It’s an abomination and is¬† universally disappointing whether brown girl, white girl and all shades in between. ūüėõ

The palette that gets rave reviews on YouTube Tartlette in Bloom with a similar colour story but now I am not confident. What if this does not show on me either ? What if cool mauve/pink palettes are just not for me.









Makeup Releases Summer 2018: Love or Not?


Finally….Summer 2018 has managed to peak my interest in makeup again compared to the snooze fest previous releases have been so far. (Maybe not Jeffree Star’s releases but I don’t support Jeffree Star.)

For the longest time the only makeup items in my loves list were the Viseart Dark Mattes and the Viseart Editorial Brights.

And then Sleeping Makeup Beauty woke up from her long sleep…..

Love:¬†Finally a palette, well a magnetic palette, comes along and it’s got me hooked. The¬†Colored Raine¬†Vivid Pigments and Shadows.¬†This gives me the same vibes as mix of the Viseart Dark Mattes and their Editorial Brights.

2018 Yes or No Colored raine.001
Image Courtesy: http://www.temptalia.com/coloured-raine-vivid-pigments-eyeshadows

I would have liked an Olive green shade but it is still topping my LOVE list.

I am really hoping this is NOT limited edition and I can still buy it after my 3 month ‘No Buy’. I want all 16 shades and the magnetic palette.

Love: Those who have been reading my blog know I am a lazy makeup user/wearer. With lip products I am lazy to re-apply, hence I have no interest in lip glosses. I struggle to finish what I currently own and thus, rarely interested in buying more.

Bullet lip balms are the only things I ‘re-apply’ because…you know…who likes dry lips.

But look at these !!!  Bite Beauty French Press Lip Glosses.

bite french press
Image courtesy:www.allure.com/story/bite-beauty-french-press-lip-gloss

I wont lie, I am taken in with the branding. It’s coffee and I love a DIRTY CHAI (mix of tea and coffee). I believe they smell like coffee too. Heaven.

Sadly these are ‘limited edition’ as of now so not sure if they will still be selling these at the end of my No Buy.

But if these are still hanging around, Ima buy meself a Dirty Chai.

Love Not: I am going to say it outright. I am not interested in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette.  Between my Naked 3 and my ABH Soft Glam palette I am pretty much covered with most of the looks this palette will give me. 2018 Yes or No ABH ABH.001

But what about the purple and plum shimmers, you ask. Through trial and error I have realised that on my small hooded eyes dark shimmers  make my eyes look smaller.

Now mattes of the same shade are a different story. They give the outer V an interesting depth and I love that! But this palette is a pass.

Love Not: I must say I have not been interested in the Fenty Beauty range at-all. Maybe because I feel the whole aesthetic is more appealing to a younger demographic rather than my matured lady taste :).

But I was VERY excited for the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice palette. I was so sure it would be really innovative. And then I saw it. Seen a balloon deflate ? That was me.

2018 Yes or No Fenty .002

So uninspiring. Also it gives me ABH Soft Glam vibes with a few cool tones. I can honestly tell you most beauty enthusiasts would already have these shades in their collection.

Even me, with my 2 and a half palettes, already have most these shades, or close to these shades, in my collection.

I look at my Smashbox Smoky palette and my Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes and think ‘nah! hard pass’.

2018 Yes or No Fenty .001
I created my own WnW Color Icon palettes hence they might look confusing ūüôā

Love: Urban Decay Born to Run. ‘Urban Decay it’s been a while…… but thanks for this!’

2018 Yes or No Urban Decay .001

To me this is a very comprehensive palette. Definitely a day-to-night, travel palette.

I am mostly attracted to the second half of the palette but disappointed with the reviews that said the purple shade GUILT TRIP is not very pigmented, or rather needs building up. That’s the shade that most interests me.

I will probably buy it but not till I hit pan/empty some of the palettes I own, most specifically my SmashBox Smoky palette and the ABH Soft Glam.

Fingers crossed this palette is here to stay.

Love: This one is a tie between 3.¬†¬†L’Oreal¬†Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara, Benefit¬†Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel¬†and Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel.2018 Yes No Brow.001

Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel has CBD oil. CBD oil is supposed to¬†condition brows (and lashes) and I fell for the marketing. The only reason I want this ūüėõ

With brow gels that contain colour I like the spoolie to be thin because my brows are naturally thin. The Milk spoolie, from images, does not look thin enough hence the Benefit and the L’Oreal ones.

The Benefit Gimme Brow¬†is an old favourite and I am glad they brought it back. However I am not overtly brand loyal with my brow gels so the¬†L’Oreal¬†Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara is definitely a contender.

After my No Buy I will most definitely buy the clear Milk brow gel before getting any of the ones with a tint.

Love: Again a tie only because of the claims. Maybelline Lash Boosting Serum & Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara mini. 

One says ” lash boosting” and the other has CBD oil. I want boosted well conditioned lashes, wouldn’t you ? ūüôā

And mini. Yep. Because I have decided that with makeup products, where possible, I will go for minis. Why ? Because ‘Project pan is a Pain’.

Love:  I love Dior products. I have always been happy with whatever I have bought from them in the past. The Dior BackStage collection interests me. Because the Dior aesthetic is usually subtle & muted looks the eyeshadow palette is a pass but I am interested in the Dior Backstage Glow Face palette.Dior Face

Frankly I am afraid to try most highlighters featured by YouTubers because the whole ‘seen from space’ is not appealing to me. Moreover even a hint of micro glitter annoys me.

But having experienced Dior’s powder formulas I know that they are very finely milled so am hoping this face palette is same. And this makes me assume that they would translate to a more ‘lit from within’, sheen like finish on the skin.

So that’s it for this season, the stuff that I love and would like to buy.

On a separate note enjoy summer guys….stay hydrated, cool and don’t forget your SPF.

Never forget your SPF.







Project Pan: Pan Porn

Courtesy to whoever came up with #panporn on Instagram and to all the amazing YouTubers who are blazing tracks with their #projectpan.

So I started my panning journey late March 2018 (read post here)

Products I had chosen, my progress and new products introduced are as follows;

Bobbi Brown sheer finish pressed powder in Warm Natural:  Pleased to inform that the pan has expanded quite a bit. Yaay! I have now started to set my eye primer with it too. It works well.

Lancome Grandiose Smudgeproof mascara (black): This started to smell so I had to throw it away. However I did a swatch test on a tissuse to see how many uses it had left.

Approximately 10 days of wear I think. This is how I used it as it grew drier: 3 strokes for 1 eye , then dip and 3 strokes for the other.

In a previous post I had mentioned why I am not going to re-purchase.I don’t like wet formulas and it smudged on me. I bought it because of YouTube. (grimace)

I have added the¬†L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise waterproof and a mini Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I am enjoying them both but the Benefit Bad Gal is my fav, it’s always been.Mascara

L’oreal Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black Party 300: Done! Not gonna re-purchase. (read ‘why not’ here)

While I prefer waterproof formulas I do need to use up my Shu Uemura Calligraphy pen. It is not waterproof but it is old. I have also added the Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel pencil liner.Shu Mayb

The Maybelline one will be a long one because I don’t reach for this often. The black is a rich black gel that sets well but it tends to smudge rather badly on me. (My oily lids are no match for anyone or anything.)

Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Rose Crush: I am not sure why I bought a lip liner because I just don’t use lip liners. This one will be a LOOOONG haul. There is a lot to go !

I have now decided to apply it all over my lips and let it set and then I apply my project pan item the Maybelline Color Sensational in Untainted Spice (satin) over it. I like how the satin feels more matte when applied over the liner.Mayb Lip Jordana Lip.001

Maybelline 14 hr Super Stay Lipstick in Always Plum (matte):  I LOVE this. The formula and the colour. But my lips tend to be dry and I wear the satin more often than this matte. Not satisfied with struggling to pan 1 matte lippie I decided to add one more.

The¬†MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2.¬†¬†I am worried about it. It’s starting to go dry even though it’s newer than the two Maybelline lipsticks. If it goes bad it will be a colossal waste of money because I have hardly used it.

MAC Viva Glam 3 pics.001It is a warm copper mauve with a frosted/metallic finish. It’s unusual but not a¬† ‘lets do a grocery run’ kind of colour for me. But I need to find a way to make it work as an everyday, day time colour. Perhaps trying to mix it with my other lip products to make it more daytime/wearable? Dunno.

MAC Bronzing Powder: Finally a glimpse of pan ! I never thought this day would arrive. Like I mentioned in a previous post this bronzer does sweet f-all on my skintone. If I had to choose a product in this category I would go for a contour-matte shade. I am just waaaittiing for it to empty and then I will never buy it again.Bronzer BF AF New.001

Anyway empty it I must. So what I do now is it mix it with another project pan product my Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte) and use it as a subtle contour!

The purple-grey works well with this brown to give me ‘shadows’ and add a dimension to my face which the bronzer alone was not giving.

Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Heather (matte):¬† Speaking of…..look at the dip in the centre! I have been picking this and the bronzer with my Real Techniques contour brush which is a stiff brush. I swirl my bronzer and then give a poke,poke on the Heather. Not too hard…but look at the DIPPPPP!!! yes!!Heather Swatch and Dip NEW

Working with Heather I have a new found respect for Bobbi Brown eyeshadows.

This is an old single but the formula is amazing. It’s firmly packed, barely any (none) kickup, soft to the touch, blends well and builds beautifully. It’s a really fantastic matte!

I have now started to use it to deepen my outer corner. Example if I use ABH’s DUSTY ROSE in my crease, this Heather is a nice outer corner shade to deepen the look. It is not as dramatic as a grey or dark brown or a black and perfect for work/daytime.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: My favourite contour shade. I had already hit pan a while back. But this is a sad story. I decided to re-organise it from one magnetic palette to another (why???) and I dropped it.

Beware! When a powder product that has hit pan, like this one, breaks, it crumbles. Mine crumbled into powder..all over my carpet.¬†ūüė¶

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Calypso Coral &  Shimmer Blush in Pink Sugar: BB Cream Blush and Powder NEW.001I like cream blushes in summer or for long wear however other than the dip getting deeper I am not sure this is going anywhere soon. This is pigmented and you need a tiny bit. This is an old one. I honestly think this will go bad (start to smell, or dry up) before I can pan/empty it.

The shimmer blush is heavily pigmented, needs a light hand, hence hard to pan. The all over shimmer finish that is not my favourite at this stage in my life.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y. I was again trying to re-organise the magnetic palettes and the blush cracked while I was trying to do it. I repressed it with some alcohol, but the top layer of one side fell off and it got hard pan where I used the alcohol to press it back.

No biggie can still use it. I wont be re-purchasing this or any other shimmer blush like this. I like my blushes matte.

Elf High Definition Under Eye setting powder: This seems to be going pretty well. It’s hard to see through pictures but the level is reducing. It’s nice but i don’t like the micro glitter bits it has.ELF Under EYE PDR.001

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow in Dark Pearl & Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso :¬†I love both of these products. I have measured the pencils as they stand now. We will see how they go. The Jordana pencil I bought around Feb this year so it will be with me for a while ūüôā I prefer this to the Maybelline pencil.CharTill Jordana

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Primer :Done and not re-purchasing. (read why here.) This was the easiest because it was already nearly over. Foolishly I did not keep the empty tube so I could photograph it here.

It was the first product I emptied from my project pan and in my excitement could not wait to get rid of it in the recycle bin.

A victory ‘basket’ of sorts!

NYX HD Eyeshadow base : I like the NYX primer but I gave it to my sister.

I basically sent my sister a small goody bag of makeup to lift her spirits. She is entering the workforce after 10 years of being a mum and needs a boost of confidence. I bought her some makeup and decided to send her this barely used primer so she can start to play with eyeshadows.

The last time she played with eye makeup the concept of primer was alien and there were no YouTube vloggers to help us! I wanted her to playing with something I had ‘used’ and could ‘vouch’ for.

For my own pan, I swapped this item with a mini Urban Decay Anti Aging primer .

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (Powder & Liquid): The powder I sent to my sister. Highlighter is a COMPLETELY new concept for her so it will be fun to see what she thinks.

So now I am left the liquid highlighter.

I really dislike it and not sure how I will pan/empty this ! I mean l like subtle but not invisible. For me this is another of those overrated ‘YouTube made me buy it’ products.

I honestly prefer Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl way more than this.

Anyone who lives in Seattle and doesn’t care about germs ūüôā came and take it from me. It’s a mini so don’t get too excited.

So that’s it.

Wish me luck !