Project Pan: Pan Roulette 2018

Pan Roulette. Idea courtesy to YouTubers like Elle S, Alexandria Sjosten, Heather Warren and Rebecca Morgan.

‘Playing’ this takes away the dreary bit of project panning. I have taken categories off Elle S blog (check her out) but have only stuck to makeup items that suit my panning needs at the moment. I really need to use up my makeup.

Note: Skincare and Toiletries I research/curate before buying. I don’t buy multiples and empty before buying the next one.

Categories:Total number of categories I chose are 50. Items can belong to one or more categories which makes it real fun to pan when random categories come up.

At first glance it seems some categories seem redundant and the items against them, appearing multiple times looks like cheating. ‘ Why does YSL glossy lip appear as ‘a favourite’, as ‘something with a wand’ and ‘something I would recommend’, but honest to the Gods of Makeup it does work out !

It is a clever arrangement of categories. These beauty vloggers are geniuses ! My categories, items and my comments, in italics, beside some of them are as follows; Scroll down for some pictures.

Categories- Something Overrated and a Cheap product might surprise you 🙂

1 Drugstore Product: CoverGirl, Wet and Wild, Maybelline, Loreal, Jordana, NYX.
2 High-end Product: Hourglass, Viseart, BobbiBrown, Christian Louboutin Armani, Shu Uemura.
3 Free Choice: any product you want
4 Foundation: MAC face and body. The only one I own, yaaay!!!
5 Single Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Heather, ABH Love Letter
6 Face Primer: Smashbox Original primer. I am meh about this. I dont like the feel of silicone.
7 Highlighter/Illuminator: Becca Champ. Pop liquid (mini), ELF Blush Gems, Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit.
8 Blush: Bobbi Brown Shimmer in Pink Sugar, NYX
9 Eyeliner: Shu Uemura, Heroine Make, Maybelline pencil, Jordana pencil, Charlotte Tilbury EyeCrayon
10 Lipstick: MAC, Loreal Pure Red, Armani, Maybelline, Bite Beauty, Pixi, Christina Louboutin
11 Lip Balm: Mentholatum (Japanese) Sheer & Mauve
12 Lipgloss: YSL Glossy Stain. I am not a lip gloss girl. YSL would be my ONLY re-purchase
13 Something You Love: Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, MAC, Viseart, Benefit
14 Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, Wet n Wild photo focus
15 Nude Lipstick: Pixi Matte Last, Maybelline, Bite Beauty
16 Mascara: Loreal, Benefit.
17 A Cream Product:  Wet n Wild Highlighter, Bobbi Brown blush
18 Pink Lipstick:  Bite Beauty, Pixi Matte Last
19 Lip Liner: Jordana, Encoleur (EU product)
20 Something in your fave shade: UD Naked 3, ABH Soft Glam, YSL purple gloss, Maybelline Mauve lipstick, Bobbi Brown coral creme blush
21 Face Powder: Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Hourglass Ambient
22 Red Lipstick:  MAC Salon Rogue, L’Oreal Pure Red mattes
23 Something you used to love: I need to think about this one
24 Something from Urban Decay:  Naked 3, Anti Aging eye primer and the Grinder sharpener LOVE IT (ha.ha)
25 Something from NYX: Setting spray, glitter glue, Beauty School Dropout Freshman palette.
26 Something Old:  Maybelline lipsticks, Mac F&B, Bobbi Brown blushes, Shu Uemura Calligraphy eyeliner pen,
27 Something New:  ABH Soft Glam, Smashbox Smoky, Naked3
28 A product you would recommend: YSL glossy stain, Viseart eyeshadow, MAC matte listicks, MAC Fix+
29 Something you already hit pan on:  Bobbi Brown setting powder
30 Bronzer:  MAC ‘Bronze’. My Hoola broke 😦
31 A Brow Product:  New Born (Japanese) W Brow Ex, ELF Lock on Liner & Brow
32 A product you regret buying:  NYX Beauty School dropout palette (brown girl eyelid issue), MAC bronzer (invisble on my skintone), Pixi Liquid Lip (milky-rose on my pigmented lips)
33 A Loose Powder item: ELF undereye setting, Laura Mercier Translucent
34 An item that was a gift:  Bite Beauty (birthday freebie from Sephora), Heroine Make eyeliner pen (from Hong Kong), Bobbi Brown Creme Blush (friend’s de-clutter)
35 An expensive product: Christian Louboutin lipstick, Viseart Paris Nudes, Hourglass Ambient Edit
36 A cheap product: Wet n Wild Concealer (.49 cents on sale!!!!)
37 A Black Eyeliner:  Maybelline pencil, Shu Uemura Calligraphy and Heroine Make eyeliner pen.
38 Something Overrated: Definitely ABH eyeshadow formulas. Soft Glam is the palette I own. Doesn’t last on my lids.
39 Something Underrated: Smashbox  Covershot eyeshadows
40 Beautiful Packaging: Christian Louboutin lipstick
41 Something I Overlook: Wet n Wild Brow highlighter, Becca Liquid highlighter.
42 A Vampy Lipstick:  L’Oreal Pure Red , MAC Salon Rouge
43 Something Matte: NYX eyeshadows, MAC, L’Oreal and Maybelline matte lipsticks
44 Something Sheer: Armani lipstick, Mentholatum Red sheer lip balm
45 Holy Grail Product:  MAC Prep and Prime Fix+
46 Something purchased because of YT: Becca Cham.Pop highlighter, KVD whiteout concealer, UD Anti-Aging eye primer, Naked 3, Pixi Everlast Matte liquid lipstick.
47 A Product with a wand/applicator: KVD whiteout concealer, UD Anti-Aging eye primer, Pixi Everlast Matte liquid lipstick, YSL Glossy stain, Wet n Wild Concealer,
48 A Liquid eyeliner:  Heroine Make, Shu Uemura Calligraphy
49 An Eye primer or base: KVD Whiteout, UD Anti Aging, NYX Glitter Glue
50 Something from ELF: Brow wax (ugh pulls my brow hairs out), Liner & Brow Wax (love the perfect cool tone brown to line my eyes but having some issues with smudging),  Undereye setting powder, Peach corrector (a bit drying for me. Keep your under eye well hydrated), Blushed Gems.


Lip Products:Lipsticks

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes:

You must be wondering what those WnW Color Icon palettes are ?? I swapped shades around to make my own ‘travel’ mini.

High-end Eyeshadow Palettes:20180628_091448

So this is what I do, or rather this is how it is done. Set your parameters in the random number generator. For me it is  1 & 50. Then hit ‘generate’.

I chose to generate it 10 times. I don’t have the science of why 10 times but soon realised it gives a good amount for a full face.

All 10 random numbers that appear will form part of your make for that day, time, moment !

Try it ! It is fun.

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