Eyeshadow; Smashbox Cover Shot Smoky

I love this little thing! This is my only Smashbox eyeshadow palette and I am definitely impressed.

I don’t know why they don’t get enough love amongst the YouTube beauty channels. But once in a while someone does a de-clutter and they reference these dinky little things and say good things about them.SmashBox Insta

These shadows are described as low shimmers (and high shimmers) but I would describe them as shiny satins, if that is even a thing. Not a glitter speck in sight.

They are buttery to the touch and it is only the green shade that has some fall out. However it is a habit with me to tap my brush. I do it no matter what.

There is no kick back and I rarely use my finger to get the payoff I want. I just use my synthetic Shu Uemura 10 for the 4 satin/shimmer shades. Pat, pat, pat.EyeBrushes

As an NC42 Indian skintone, the Cream matte is really fantastic on my lids. Brings on a brightness without looking ashy.

And I love love love the neutral Brown matte shade in this palette. “I love you so much neutral brown (kiss) (kiss)”. In all my brown mattes this is the only one that adds a natural looking contour and looks like I have spent ages blending and creating a contour, when I have not.

Basically a lot of brown/caramel transition and crease shades that are added in palettes don’t add any dimension on my lid.  I often have to dip into the deepest brown to get that dimension…and oh you know those deep browns. They are dangerous, hard to blend and often patchy. Scary!

SBox Swatches.001
Green. Bronze and top right , Silver. The cream matte was used across the lid up-to the brow bone.

While the shimmers are low-shimmers (shiny satins :)) for me this is definitely not a sombre* work-day palette.

It IS a smoky palette so I am making a redundant statement here but then again I always try to see where, and how, I can get away with just 1 palette.

I have worked in media all my life, where, generally speaking, the makeup can be bolder than say a bank*, hospital* or school*. The only shade I would use is the Bronze for my work day. It’s close to my skin-tone and yet adds a little pizzaz. I used the green on my a lower lash in the above image.

At a business cocktail I would use the silver and the grey matte or the black matte to line my eyes.

Aah yes the matte Black has sparkles which…….umm I don’t know why brands do this…

On lighter skin-tones I think the cream, the brown and the matte grey could add a natural  ‘work day’ dimension but on my dark eyelids it is like ‘mm why bother’.

psst Truth be told I am not an all matte gal. I must must must pair my mattes with a satin or a shimmer on my lids.

As a novice I am very happy with the mild intensity of the matte grey and black. They are not crazy dark, blend beautifully and add the right amount of depth for my outer v.

I am literally scared of deep, dark blacks, greys and browns. I can not work with them, but these, I love.

Now for the silver. I don’t like silver shimmers. They are either frosty or ashy on me and because of that not an age appropriate look on me. This one is not. It is a very flattering silver. I am impressed.

For me this is not a travel palette either. Not only for the reason I mentioned in the ‘work-day’ bit but because I would get bored of the dark shades. On holiday I like a choice of warm, bright and smoky shimmers (and satins) for those fun night outs.

The shade eggplant is ….err… eggplant. Worn all over my lid you can see the colour really well but alas my smart-phone camera is picking it up as brown. So I did not include it in this blog.

Also IRL because my lids have a purple under-tone the contrast with this shade is not really there. You can see it, but not….baaam.

On my skin-tone the green is dark but ‘opens’ up my lids but the eggplant closes it. So I will always use it outer third, never on my entire lid.

The swatches above are without a primer. Also I have not a done wear test.

FYI my ABH Soft Glam palette has VERY  poor wear on me, whatever the primer, set or not set. In-fact same with my UD Naked 3.

I think my oily, hooded lids are no match for any brand. (surprisingly my Wet and Wild Colour Icon shades do really really REALLY well. Probably cheaper, dryer formulas work? I don’t know)

So would I buy more Smashbox Cover Shot palettes ? Yes. And I love the fact they are dinky. Perfect size.

I am S.O. over huge pans or large palettes. Dust collectors and anxiety providers because they will outlive me, especially in project pans.