Viseart Eyeshadow Palette: Paris Nudes

Me: NC40-41 Indian skintone. Hooded eyes with very little eyelid ‘real estate’.

The Viseart Paris Nudes eyeshadow palette is a recent purchase and I love it.  L.O.V.E it.

Now I don’t usually go for such muted shades but what attracted me to this palette was the fact it reminded me of river rocks. river rocks

I love rocks. Their colours, their shapes and the tranquility they exude. River rocks, seen under the water’s surface are especially mesmerising.

I also bought this palette because it is an all satin and shimmer palette. I like shimmers for my hooded eyes to give a ‘lift and light’ to my eye. However I am wary of most formulas because I don’t like how they emphasise my crepey lids.

Viseart’s formulas are one of the best (read post here) and their satin and shimmer formulas are forgiving on my lines and creases.


middle row sw
Middle Row

viseart 2 pals

Most eyeshadows palette give me anxiety but this one calms me.  I don’t need to think. I choose a shade, one swipe and I am out the door. (Ok I lied about that 1 swipe but I will explain below.)

Also I don’t need to buy a matte palette to pair this with. I have many transition mattes but I was thrilled to discover that the mattes in my Viseart Petit Pro 1 pair really well with this palette. Pair like with like. (happy dance)

OK now before you run out and buy this palette …and chase me with pitchforks later, let me manage expectations.

The shimmers are muted. Think river rocks glistening with water instead of disco balls.

If I could make a broad generalisation for the sake of an explanation, I would recommend this palette to matured ladies who are afraid of shimmers. If you are a young-un looking for fun, I would say ‘No’ and hand you the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette instead.:)

I would recommend this palette to people to wear on a work day.

The shades are best applied with a flat eyeshadow brush like my Shu Uemura No 10EyeBrushes

I don’t do one swipe. I sweep the flat brush across the pan and then pat and swipe across my lid. I will typically do this twice.  If I want a bit more I might dab with my finger. As with a lot of shimmers, fingers are best.

I have not wet my brush to check the effect and probably wont. If I want that kind of vavavoom I will use my SmashBox Smoky palette instead, this is not the palette for that.smashbox smoky (1)

The shadows have almost no fall out, and while some shades might be a wee bit more dusty, that are minimally so.

I wore this with my Urban Decay Anti aging primer and went for sweaty 2 hour hike. About mid 60s. Came home and checked the eyes, perfect.

Some blogs say that these are not pigmented. Not true. The skin around my eyes is dark and for reference the shades in the Naked 3 (rose) palette have difficulty showing up on my skin, but not these.

Now some shades do look similar on my eyelids.

Viseart Paris Nudes

Top Row, shade 3 and Second Row, shade 6 look similar. 3  is more yellow while 6 translates more champagne on my lids.

Second Row shade 8 and Bottom Row shade 10 are similar but shade 10 is more green.

(I dont have the names anywhere on my palette or on the cover. See Temptalia’s review for shade names and description.)

In terms of colour payoff I would say the Top Row is the most subtle and I think it’s down to my skintone. Top Row shade 1 is more frosty on my eyes than pink but when worn as a blush it is a beautiful baby pink that gives off a wet sheen. I love it!  Shade 2 also behaves similarly on my eyelids, but I think it would work wonderfully as a highlighter.

I did use shade 4 on my brow bone. It looks fine. Slight satin sheen but nothing that would appear to ‘bulge’ the skin.

Usually when I spend $80 on something I suffer buyer’s regret soon after, but this one I am thrilled with.

I do have my cross hairs on the Viseart Dark Mattes palette. Probably nudge hubby to buy it for me as a Christmas present 🙂













  1. I’ve had my eye on that exact Viseart palette. Now, I know I definitely want it. There are definitely shades in that palette that I don’t have. Or at least I have convinced myself I don’t! Therefore I need! See the logic! Haha! The shades you are wearing look so pretty and I agree, it is a totally calming palette!
    janine xo

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