Makeup: Lessons from Project Pan

Project Pan is like a weightloss plan. You need discipline and it takes time.

I started my project pan March 2018. Read post here  I put $ value against the things I need to use up. Almost $239(+tax) worth of stuff. 20180306_094412This is NOT counting Eyeshadows. Eyeshadows added an additional $250.

Now if you have been on a project pan journey, you know how hard it is to use up makeup. It takes ages to hit pan and then even longer to empty that pan.

And through this journey you will meet Boredom & Patience, head-on!

However for me personally the first thing I had to/have to wrestle with is Discipline. I see people on their project pans who have the absolute discipline to stick to a single palette or lipstick for a month!  I can’t.

Eyeshadows is the worst for me. And I have no excuses. I have a tiny eyeshadow collection (made up mostly of Regrets!) and I struggle to stick to one palette. I dabble in a new one everyday!

ES palettes
The ’empty’ pans you see were dud shades I threw away. They were annoying me.

Out of all my eye shadows the easiest palettes to pan are Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone, Viseart’s Petit Pro 1 and Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette. Each can take you day to night, every single day.

Comfort Zone and Petit Pro 1 should be no brainers right ? Small enough to hit pan and feel a sense of accomplishment.

That sense of accomplishment which is the carrot a novice panner like me needs to persevere on.

My next strategy after that would be to attack the neutral matte shades, which I have many of thanks to the 3 Wet n Wild Colour Icon palettes I bought, and pair those with the NYX Love You So Mochi Electric (all shimmer) palette.

And I could always rotate the eyeshadows. A palette a week and then rotate.

Easier said than done. I lack that discipline. Very much like my lack of discipline with cookies and chocolate.

And it takes Patience because you can not hurry hitting pan. You have to work through the discipline (and boredom) of using that same palette every day for a week, or for a month, and then allow for time to hit pan.

If I need to be successful in my Project Pan I need to pray for discipline! Pray? yes I take my makeup seriously, okay! 😛

But all is not lost. I have learnt a very useful lesson. The lesson to prevent un-necessary accumulation of stufffff.

I shudder to buy more product because I now know how long it takes, and how hard it is to finish it up.

Do I need one more blush ? No! I can barely make a dent in the one I have.

Do I need one more highlighter ? Heck no. I am sick of the one I have but I must finish it because I spent good money on it.

I have also learn’t the lesson that full size makeup is too damned big to finish and when I repurchase it will be MINIs where possible.  The reality is that I get bored with the brand halfway through it’s life anyway.

Note: For skincare and toiletries I have always had one of everything. I use it up then buy another. The real struggle is makeup. It’s so pretty and sparkly and colourful!








  1. I lack the discipline too! I can finish a bottle of foundation. And jars of masks I love. But eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, etc? No.. I never hit the pan!

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