Eyeshadow Brush: Anastasia Beverly Hills v/s Walgreen’s

I generally dislike pitting brands against each other because almost all brands have hits that they should be appreciated for rather than focusing on their misses.

But I had to, just had to, blog about this Walgreen’s $4 eyeshadow brush. Less to diss ABH, rather to give kudos to this humble brush that many might skip over.

So the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes come with dual ended brushes. What surprises me is a lot of YouTubers actually said the brushes were good and there is really no reason not to trust them, but what I really don’t understand is how they like them ???

The fluffy end of this brush is so scratchy I literally can not do ‘wind shield’ wiper motions on my eyelids. I am sure I am getting micro abrasions there, honestly. 😦 The flat end is good, picks up product well to pat,pat,pat the shadow on.

Anyway I have been on the hunt for an eyeshadow brush that is small enough for my hooded eyes but fluffy enough to diffuse my crease/transition shade with my brow bone, to create a blown out effect.ABHWALBrush.001

I have been burnt by brush recommendations before because they are  always too rough or pokey.

The ONLY brushes that are soft enough for me are the Wayne Goss brushes and I had resigned myself to getting me another Goss brush from Beautylish.

But before dropping the $$$ I decided to take one last walk along the aisles of Walgreens when I spied this eyeshadow brush.

OMG!!! bunny rabbits shed their fur for this brush.WALGREENS BRUSH

The flat and fluffy end both do a great job and blend so beeeoootifully.

I used both dual ended brushes, the ABH one and the Walgreens one on my Soft Glam palette with the same shades, on two different eyes to give them both a fair trial. And the Walgreens is my favourite.

I don’t need to spend money on the Goss brushes because I have the perfect sized, soft brush to diffuse my eyeshadow.

Surprising note on my soft eyeshadow brushes: The softest are the 2 Wayne Goss brushes, my Walgreens dual-ended one and…….get ready…brace yourself….a $1 Daiso calligraphy watercolour brush. I use it for mega blown out effect. LOLALL Eye BrushesDare I say…my search has ended.

umm who am I kidding?….till the next release. 😛





  1. I just got a few Wayne Goss brushes and I’m loving them. Today was the first day I used them. I’ve also been slowly buying some Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo brushes which I also love. They are so soft and blend products so well. A good brush really does make a difference!


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