Sephora 2018 Sale: Viseart Eyeshadows

ME: NC 40 Indian skintone. Small hooded eyes. 

Viseart. Pronounced vizy-art.  These eyeshadows are dope! The expensive, top quality, gourmet, ‘chef’s table’ kind of crack. They are cruelty-free and made in France. ….And they are expensive.

I have my eyes on the $80, 12 pan, Paris Nudes eyeshadow palette but literally can not justify it right now.

This year I spent around $160 dollars on hit and miss drugstore eyeshadow palettes and regret it.  Yes I know, I should have saved all that money and invested in Viseart palettes. Damnit!

The Viseart palettes are professional quality eyeshadows. Beautifully pigmented shades that are easy to blend. Even novice beginners like me can use these shadows and create the most glorious looking eyes, in minutes!

Nothing like the fiasco that ABH Subculture is, where you need a PHD in Beauty and a Yogi’s degree in Patience to use it.

These Viseart eyeshadows are capable of leaping out of their pans and applying themselves on your lids !

Currently I own only one Viseart palette. The Petit Pro 1.  I watched Emily Noel and Stephanie Nicole rave about Viseart and decided to take the plunge with a $30 trial palette as opposed to a $80 dollar one.

$30 for 8 mini pans. Thats a US 1 cent coin for reference. Viseart Petit Pro 1

The shades are described as Matte, Satin and Shimmer on the Sephora website but for me I label them as mattes on one side and shimmers on the other, and I use them as such too. Matte in the crease and shimmer on the lids.

VA Swatches.002
Mattes with their corresponding Shimmers
VA Swatches.001
4 Shimmers

These mattes did not swatch well on my arm but they are a dream on the lids and blend out in seconds! With or without primer. Probably some of the best mattes in the market today.

The shimmers are gorgeous. Like with most shimmers and/or metallic shades they apply better with my finger or my flat Shu Uemura eyeshadow brush. For a light wash I use my Wayne Goss 06.EyeBrushes

A point to note as far as the shimmers are concerned. These are not your out there visible from space shimmers. These are definitely pigmented but more of a quiet glam.

To me some of the ‘shimmers’ can behave like a ‘shiny satin’ finish.  Hope I am making sense!

What sold me to these Viseart palettes is the fact that these shimmers are ‘crepey-lid friendly’.  They give my lids a good ole pop of colour without emphasising the lines on my lids.

I have been bitten by the Viseart bug and I want more. So this month at the Sephora Sale I am definitely picking up the Viseart Petit Pro 2 palette.

Petit Pro 2.001
Petit Pro 2

The other one I am absolutely besotted by is the Paris Nudes palette but honestly at $80 I really have to think hard. Money yes, but I also MUST frikking hit pan and use up all the sh*t I already own.

Wishlist ESP.004
Paris Nudes






  1. I will definitely check out Viseart. I love the shimmer! I’m in a makeup rutt. I walk into a store like Sephora and get overwhelmed, so I go straight to brands I’ve been using for years. Glad to have discovered your blog. I need to try something new!

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