Wet n Wild Eyeshadow: Not Your Basic Peach

Note 1: Me: NC 40 Indian colouring with a warm undertone. 

Note 2: Finger swatches without a primer. Not tested for a ‘wear test’.

Isn’t this a beautiful looking palette ? Shades 5, 7 & 8 stole my heart and to grab it at $4.99 was a no brainer !

I am really enjoying this palette. Especially because this is the only ‘peach’ palette I own.  However, as with all palettes, some shades perform better than others.

Shades 1 and 10 are matte transition shades and I love them. In-fact I like all the matte transition shades in the Color Icon palettes.NYBP1210

Shade 2 is a satin. The lack of a matte brow bone highlighter should not be a deal breaker.  I have been applying it lightly on my brow and buffing it well.

It definitely doesn’t come off as ghastly-bulgy brow bone shimmer. Ugh. Truth be told it is usually the fault of the person who applies a shiny pigment on their brow bone, with a heavy hand, rather than the fault of the pigment itself 🙂

Shade 3 is a dark peach/orange. Shade 4 is a light peach. It is a matte but with flecks of glitter that disappear when applied on the lid.  I really like 4 but need to layer it to get the colour payout I want.NYBP3456

Shade 5 applies better on the eye than in this swatch!  I am so impressed with it ! It is a duochrome  with a gold undertone. This makes it a wearable shade rather than being too loud or ‘out there’

At first ‘brush’ it is not as pigmented as I thought it would be, but builds up well.  I would hazard a guess in saying it is beginner friendly for those who are starting to dabble with colour.

Shade 6 is a beautiful gold shimmer. It has visible micro glitter so not a ‘wet-sheen’ finish, but I like it!

NYBP789Shade 7 is a beautiful dark peach/orange shimmer but the gold flecks here have fall out. In-fact it gets everywhere. It is difficult to control it on your eye ie differentiate between your mattes and this shade.

When applied with a flat brush over the NYX glitter glue it definitely popped the colour and seemed to minimised the fall out somewhat. But it also seemed to emphasise the size of the gold flecks and made them appear a bit chunky.

Will there be glitter down your face by end of day ? I would assume yes.

I personally prefer to wear shade 7 applied without a glitter glue. While it is more subtle I can still see the flecks of gold.

I like this shade but I will have to wear this as a single on my lid as it messes with the mattes. And by days end I am sure I will have flecks all over my face.

Now shade 8 , I dont know what to tell you. Dud, El Duddo, Dudley Moore. I mean look at the swatch.

On the eyes it’s a waste of time, but I did apply it on my cheek and buffed it out and the top mauve shade disappeared and I was left with a satin peach reflect.

Maybe someone with a  deeper skintone could play with it and see how it performs as a blush? I really like that peach reflect when buffed out. But on me the hint of the mauve that remains looks like a bruise.

I did apply it on my lower lash line…and not so bad. What showed up was the  peach reflect.

Maybe WnW were trying to go for something that is pretty complicated to pull off? I dont know.

Shade 9 is a dark brown. I very very lightly touch my brush to the pan and then almost ‘whisper’  it on the area I want deepened, crease or outer V. Any darker and it would look like a black eye on me!

Anyway I am really enjoying this palette and am eager to see how many looks I can get off it.

Basically I am experimenting to see if I can make it perform like a comprehensive palette that one can take when on holiday !

Quick Reminder: All shades may have a degree of fall out even if not mentioned above. I am pretty light with my brush, always tap my brush AND do my eyes first.