Responsible Beauty: Eyeshadow Sponges

Me: Hooded eyes with very little real estate. My crease almost touches my brow!Using the ESS.001

Ok people time to stop tossing the humble eyeshadow sponge and time to embrace it.

I used to throw them away too but I started to really feel wasteful. Add to it I always feel guilty using a cotton bud once and then throwing it away !

So I use these sponges instead of cotton buds. I use both the thin and flat ends and I clean them just how I clean my brushes.

Be gentle when washing so you don’t kill it before it’s time 🙂

Now I might have arrived late to this environmentally friendly party but at-least I am here now, right ?

So here goes:

1.The thin eded to smudge out your liner and/or powder along lash lines.

2.My fingers are too big to dab a inner eye highlight and if my detailer brush is not handy I use the thin edge to ‘actually’ line the inner eye. For small eyes like mine it works best!

3.Which brings me to the next use. Every time I apply a shimmer (even with a detailer brush) along my inner corner I get it down to the inner under eye. This is not just messy but also emphasises every line and wrinkle in that area. I use the flat edge dipped in micellar water to wipe away the fall out !.

4. I use the flat edge to wipe off under eye smudging either from pencil or mascara. I always have this problem. Use dry for mascara. Brilliant !

5. This I recently discovered. I have applied and blended my eye shadow with my brushes but then I notice I need to add colour back on my crease without disturbing the transition or the lid shade.  I used the flat edge to lay (add) colour along my crease.

I am so happy to have discovered this for myself.

The sponge I am using is the one that came with my Covergirl Jewels eyeshadow palette.

CG jewels
Post of this coming soon


I am putting this little sponge through its paces and am loving every minute of it, especially because it is so precise and perfect for my eyes.