Hard Candy Hydrating Primer Mist

Me: Maturing skin that used to be normal but now veering towards dry.

I am not a big primer person. Maybe because I have ‘old-people’ eyesight and I can’t tell if my makeup has shifted or even lasted. The only thing I can tell is whether my eye liner or mascara has smudged or not !

So why am I writing about primers ? Well because I wanted to commend Hard Candy on their hydrating primer mist !

It all started with my quest for a moisturising facial spray.  Here in Seattle with it’s central heating, a quick spritz over my normal facial moisturiser really helps combat that ‘cheek-stretchy’ feeling. You know what I mean ?

Now if you have read my Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist post you will know that I have had a hit and miss time with hydrating facial sprays.

Amongst the high-end brands I trust like Tata Harper, Kate Sommerville or Josie Maran  they all contain either essential oils and/or have citrus pretty high up on the ingredient list. Even my affordable favourite, Mario Badescu, has essential oils.

No thank you.

Enter  EmilyNoel83 (or was it Angie from Hot and Flashy ?) who talked about the Hard Candy hydrating primer and how they use it.

And I was like YES ! I logged onto Walmart, ordered it and proceeded to LOVE it !


Hard Candy ingredients
Hard Candy Ingredient List. Oil-free, silicone-free and alcohol-free

I don’t feel the need to re-spritz. It is like there is a good moisture sandwich between my regular moisturiser and this spray.

I use it under makeup or on bare face.

Now it does leave your face tacky and shiny which I don’t mind when I am at home. When stepping out for errands I pat my face with a beauty blender, to kind of absorb some of the shine and follow up with a light dusting of powder on top.

I just use my Bobbi Brown finishing powder.

Sadly I am nearly running out and this is a definite re-purchase for me but it has been out of stock in Walmart.

Why Hard Candy ? You had a good thing going, why is it out of stock ?

Are you re-formulating ? Hope not.

Are you changing the packaging ? Hope not.

Are you discontinuing it ? No No No.

Mac Fix Plus you say ? No not really.

I have seen it being sold by 3rd parties on Amazon but I can’t trust those.

I will just wait I guess….or wait till Drunk Elephant comes out with their hydrating facial spray !