1st Impressions: NYX Beauty School Dropout Freshman Palette.

Should this post come with a warning ? Yea it probably should. ‘Take with a pinch of salt as it is written by a 40+ eyeshadow novice who is still unsure about what exactly a transition shade ‘does”. 

And maybe add another warning. Very long post with loads of swatches, just for fun!’

For years and years I only ever owned one eye shadow palette. It was the Sleek iDivine Mattes V2 and I barely used it. (why did I buy it??)

Over the years I have gotten better at my eye shadow game and got interested in delving into palettes again. Based on YT beauty reviews I picked the Viseart Petite Pro and the Covergirl Jewels palettes and I like them both.

my shadows

However both the Petite Pro and Jewels palettes are shimmery, evening looks and I was looking for a palette that was more day appropriate.

Then 3 weeks back I went into Ross to pick up oven gloves and a bundt cake tin.  While standing at the checkout line I spied this little cutie on the shelves. The NYX Beauty School Dropout Freshman and it was 15 bucks.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.49.41 AM
Front and Back

Now everyone will tell you ‘Oh for Godsakes you don’t buy makeup from Ross!’. But I looked at the cover and thought ‘look at those fun colours, it’s NYX and it’s $15. What’s not to like ?’

Ka-ching ! Done !20180226_111045

P – Pressed Pigments

Great little palette. I have been playing with it loads and I am enjoying it. The colours don’t have the va va voom on my skin-tone so it’s a nice daytime palette.

The face powders are all matte.

The small pan eyeshadows have both matte and satin. More satin though. You can see flecks of glitter in some of the satin shades but they don’t really show up on the eye. And I am ok placing them in my crease or outer V. The 2 light lavender shades are frosty.satin shim

The shadows are lovely to touch with a nice soft feel. Some are best applied with a finger for the full pigmentation. They are easy to blend but do have fall out.

A word of warning. Don’t swirl your brushes with a heavy hand. If you do it will kick up powder.

I just dab the pan or give it a gentle swipe. That’s how I normally pick up shadow anyway so it’s all good for me.

I found that the Elf eyeshadow brush (short bristle with white handle) and the flat Shu Uemura eye shadow brush are best to pack colour on the lids.

Now for the swatchy-swatch.

FACE: The 4 face swatches done on my arm with a finger.Face Swatches.001

#1 looks like a lovely peach-coral in the pan but it doesn’t show up on my skin-tone and if I pack it on, it ends up looking really chalky.

#4 I suppose is a bronzer but on my skin-tone it is very subtle.

#2 & #3 are perfect daytime blushes. And whenever I have gone heavy handed with either I have dusted #1 or #4 on top to tone it down.

With these powders its important to blend, blend and blend because I can see a chalky finish if I don’t.

I like the fact that they are matte which means I can top it off with a highlighter, ie a more targeted highlight than the entire cheek being highlighted.

EYES:  Arranged below the Face colours are some shadows for the Eyes. They are the transition mattes, 2 matte brow highlights and 2 shimmers. The 2 shimmers are also subtle, nice for daytime. The transition shades don’t really show up on my arm or on my eyelid but good enough to serve their purpose.

The brow highlights can veer chalky but I can blend it out. I often use them as all over lid colours too.Transition, Shimmer and Brow.001

Coloured Eye Shadows : To the un-trained eye like mine I think the layout seems a bit higgledy piggledy. The colours appear to be laid out where-ever, how-ever.

I have tried to look at them in terms of quads or even threes but I can’t see it.

Anyway now for the swatcheroos. I have swatched with my finger on my arm, with a primer.

Greens and Blues: KN Green blue SW.001Blues 1&2 are the most un-impressive with minor to no differentiation. The two aqua/teal shades are great ! Greens 5&6 are similar but good pigmentation. 7 is a nice leaf green and 8 an olive green.

Lavender and Salmon:  Lav Sal Jpg.001The #1 in the Pink/Lavender family is a barbie pink barely visible on my arm. I had high hopes for the 2 Salmon shades 7&8.  They are ok. The lighter of the two (8) needs to be packed on really heavily for it to show.

6,7 & 8 are listed as pigments and have a warning on the cover to NOT use on the eye but on the face. I have checked the ingredients for all 3 formulas and there is no difference. Also if they were dangerous would they place it slam bang in the middle of all the other eyeshadows ?

If anyone knows the right answer please comment below. (Update June 2018: it’s to do with FDA approval for ‘eye safe’ or not)

Swatches on the Lids without a primer: These are NOT looks, just ‘swatched’ on my lid to show the colour. Blue SalmonThere are 2 blues on one eye and the 2 salmons on the other. Little to none differentiation on my skin-tone. The blues I am LEAST impressed by. The pigmentation is rubbish.  I really had to pack the shades on my eyelid !

Green with Brush
Green family: Shade 5

For the Lavenders there is not much differentiation between frosty 4 & 5.  At a pinch 3&2, though 2 does look more dark in the pan. But wearable for daytime.lavender.001

Darks: GreyBrown.001Darks.001Brown.001

Ingredients: Talc is the first one. I am not worried about talc.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.48.40 AM

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.49.41 AM
Front and Back

I really like this palette and dare I say I found the shades easier to blend than some shades in the iconic drugstore palette, the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone.



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