Worst Colour Book!

Ugh I seriously hate this colouring book and I want to throw it in the recycle bin, like now!

So decided I better take some pictures and get a post out and then get this book out of my sight.

Jes Maharry’s Free Spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.52.15 PM

OMG ! It’s a mess of a book. Higgledy-piggledy scribbly illustrations.

Jes Maharry is a jewelry designer and honestly when you see the very same scribbly artwork on her jewelry as charm bracelet or an earring it is unique and beautiful but the style just does NOT translate well on paper, for a colouring book especially.IMGP3543


Her style is unusual no doubt but just wish she had put more thought in each page. Instead what you end up with is a printed version of her rough, scribble-sketch pad.

Colouring is supposed to calm you but this book had the opposite effect on me. Every time I picked it up to work in it I got stressed out.

The book is everything you want out of a colouring book in terms of paper and layout. The illustrations are single sided and the paper can take a variety of mediums.

I used water based markers, pencils, acrylic paints, water-colour paints, water-colour pencils and an alcohol based Sharpie.

It is lovely smooth paper that doesn’t suck the ink out of your markers and yet has  great tooth for colour pencils !

I do like her quirky sensibility,  but she needs a smart editor before she publishes her next colour book.


I basically blocked out the untidy backgrounds  with acrylic paint just so I could enjoy the beauty of her artwork like I did with the owl below.


Alternately I will cover up the rubbish ‘debris’ bottom left corner (near the pencils) so I can continue to enjoy and colour the big cat.IMGP3551

I do believe it’s the size and layout of these extra elements on the page that make each page so untidy.

If every animal, insect, flower and bird on a page was given a respectable size and a sensible layout it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean one just needs to look at Johanna Basford’s work to know how to make tiny small illustration look like art instead of scribbles !

Thankfully I bought this at Walmart and even with shipping it was less than $10.

Thus it wont hurt that bad when I put this book into the recycling bin.