Living In America. Day 162

It’s now day 162 of my life here in the USA. I am a 3 hour flight away from my sister instead of 24 hours and Seattle is only place I want to live out of all the places in the US.

People say how about Portland? But I don’t want to be, you know………PORTLANDIA!men-portlandia-mpx

LIFESTYLE: I love Seattle’s hauntingly beautiful light, morning, evening or dusk. I love the trees whether in bloom or not, the mountains, the state’s stand on all things eco and on recycling, it’s hikes and trails, it’s BUSES (yea! shout out @King County Metro transport) and for being bicycle and pedestrian friendly. blog1The schizophrenic weather, not so much.  Is it raining. No it’s sunny. Oh no sorry I lied its windy and drizzling now. Oh no, wait, it’s now raining & sunny. WTF ? Do I run outside or not Weather ?

No. I had to opt for my ‘climate controlled’ gym instead (shaking fist at sky).

DREAMS: My dream came true. Most people look kinda disappointed when I tell them my dream. Disappointed in me, that is. My dream forever was to be able to walk to my yoga class! AND YES YES YES I can finally do it. I walk to Bala Yoga for my classes.

Proximity also saved me from spiralling into S.A.D depression when I got here in Nov.  4.30 pm and it was pitch dark! It really fked with my mind and my heart.  Thank God for yoga and thank God for being able to walk there. I even go for classes that end at 9pm

FASHION:  Maybe this is just a problem where I live, I don’t know. But I don’t care if Kate Hudson is modeling it, please wear leggings only if you are in the gym or at a yoga class, or getting to or coming from one. Other times it’s just lazy dressing. Like crocs and sweats.

Now, don’t be lazy. Swap them for a pair of jeans and soon you will pair those jeans with nice shoes. Maybe even high heels ? Who knows ?

The only way is…..Up!

ASPIRATIONAL WOMEN:  Again maybe this a Seattle thing I don’t know. But I LOVE the fact that I see ladies like me, everywhere. On TV, as models, as news anchors, on the boards of associations, giving speeches at gala dinners, lawyers, bus drivers, USPS postal service, in Sephora or ringing up the till at Macys.

I mean matured women. And often a lot of the women are proudly grey, roots and all. I love that !

I personally spent a lot of years competing in a world where the women got younger, the higher they went. And the first step in conquering that feeling of being invisible was to feverishly touch up my roots. Not any more.  I am slack and sloppy with my root touch-ups, do it when I feel like. But mostly I am purple ombre-d with grey roots and my sisterhood surrounds me.

POLICE:  Never have I seen police cruisers, cruising, with such frequency. At least once a day, I will see one somewhere, silently moving…… like a submarine……..but on the road.

Of course I got very excited. It’s like living in a detective novel.

Basically my steady diet of Forensic Files, Dateline, 48 Hours and Joe Kenda was now coming to life.  Where are they going ? What are they doing ? Did they make an arrest ? Who did they catch ? Why can’t they tell me ? I really really really want to know.

I looked at their Facebook thinking I would get a steady update of all the crimes they were chasing and solving. Alas not. Their Facebook is just a pleasant update from schools and citizens thanking them for a great school trip or a safety training class.

So back to YouTube and Netflix for me.

Things which have improved since my last post about Living in America are

  1. We found bread without added sugar
  2. I have figured out the doors in America and can open them right at most times (push)
  3. Pretty good with the light switches now
  4. And I don’t step onto incoming traffic because now I know which side of the road to stay on!

Onwards and Upwards

PS: did I say how MUCH I bloody love PBS ??? LOVE LOVE LOVE.







Wet n Wild

My frugal makeup life is a journey in discovery. Wet n Wild mainly 🙂

When depressed or lonely, I like gawking at the make-up aisles in my local Walgreens. And sometimes all that gawking can crack a girl. But if I want to waste money on makeup I don’t need, best to do so cheaply.

And this girl is smart enough to cap her crack-budget at $5 and less. 🙂 That’s how Wet n Wild entered my life.

Wet n Wild Ultimatebrow Mascara ‘GO AHEAD TRY IT.’

I don’t currently own a brow product. Don’t really need one, except maybe thick gel or hairspray to keep them in place. But I wanted to try one. The only other brow product I have used previously is the Maybelline Brow Drama. Yes that brow product with the mace at the endKT2065A

If you have used it you know how unwieldy it is. So at less than $5 I bought the WnW brow mascara in the shade Nothing But Brunette. A dark brown.IMGP3518

I don’t know what’s with everyone. I do not want thick bushy eyebrows so why are these wands so big? I have a small face, my eyebrows have always been ‘slim’, perfect size for my face.

Make small spoolies people (like the Benefit one)IMG_2986

The shade is great for my Indian hair, it gives the brows good texture and holds the brows well but the spoolie is a bit too big for my brows  so I am not able to ‘fill it in’ where it needs, example near the arch, it gets outside the brows and deposits a bit too much pigment.

However if you are someone with thicker brows and on a budget I would say give this a shot.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Stick : SKIP IT 

I don’t own cream based contour or highlight (yeah I know, in this day and age ???)  and thought I would invest in the NYX wonder stick but then I spied the WnW Megaglo for 2.99, $5 for 2 !

Now highlight and contour colours can go notoriously wrong for me. Too warm/orange or too ashy/pink. But for $5 I was willing to take a chance. IMGP3512

So I bought WHERE’S WALNUT (darkest of the contour shades) and YOU’RE NATURAL (mid-shade conceal). I like the formula even though it’s a cream. It sets well and is not tacky.

The twist up chubby stick format works well for the light shade. The shade is also great for my NC45 skin-tone.  I don’t use it under my eyes as a concealer, though it does say ‘Conceal’. It’s a NIGHTMARE under the eye. It skips, it creases, it balls up and wont blend.

However on the cheek bones, nose and forehead it works well as a highlighter shade. Natural highlight not Instagram highlight!

However it takes a while to blend. Fingers, brush and a wet makeup sponge. Yes all three! I have a x5 magnification mirror and I can see the streaks and where it clings to my peach fuzz.  But once on it’s there. Not tacky or anything. It’s a pain but I like using it.

Maybe their new formulation in the double ended pencil is better.

Now the WHERE’S WALNUT (darkest of the contour shades) is ok but the twist chubby stick is not the best for precise contouring. However large your face I just don’t think the chubby stick is precise enough.

IMGP3509I kinda feel the next time I need to swipe the brush ON the stick and then use that to contour….God knows how long that will take ?

It doesn’t seem to cling and streak but it takes while to blend. With a damp sponge and a Real Techniques contour brush!

And once done, it’s not dramatic enough. It’s probably not cool enough. Meh!

Since I can’t recommend the Maybelline twist up stick because I think the two-tone design is flawed, I am afraid it will have to be the expensive NYX Wonder Stick if you want a ‘drugstore’ cream contour set.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer: GO ON TRY IT!

I know people rave about the Maybelline Age Rewind and Fit Me concealers. I have used both and more than the finish etc. etc., the MEDIUM colours were just too ashy for my Indian NC40 skintone. I didn’t enjoy it.

My Mac under eye concealer was over and I was about to call in on Sephora to pick up something. Probably Benefit’s Erase Paste since EmilyNoel raves about it ..and you know the power of Emily Noel. Just check this tag out Emilynoel83 Youtube Made Me Buy It

And then I saw this, THIS !!! .49 CENTS !!!!  In the bargain basket at Walgreens.IMGP3505

Not only did the concealer match me (NC40) perfectly it is great !!!IMGP3507

It blends beautifully and doesn’t crease on me (with or without setting powder).  Enough said.

49 cents and works great!

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Colour

This one in the bargain basket was $1. A dollar. So I bought it. It’s not mega last, but nothing on my nails is mega last..unless it’s a LED light set Gel polish. IMGP3517

But one dollar in the basket, why bother with OPI Essie etc ? They all look and last about the same, 1-2 days without chipping, on my nails. So WnW bargain basket is the way to go for me.

Also I am not a major nail polish person really.  I bought it as a base for my glitter nail polish. Glitter nails, now thats my thang!



Walgreens: Rimmel Eye Pencils 2

I bought 2 Rimmel eye pencils from Walgreens  and had promised to update after additional testing.

In terms of lasting a workout or a yoga class the Exaggerate lasts longer because it is a dryer formula. In general it lasts longer, but I dont like it.imgp3483

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl is a nicer softer formula. The pencil is not self sharpening but does so easily. But also because it’s soft it gets blunt quickly.

I like the glittery grey-black liner. Adds a nice touch. You will have a tiny bit of glitter migration, but not terribly so.

It stays well but will smudge, maybe because I have notoriously oily lids.

With an eye primer but without anything creamy like an under-eye concealer the smudging is not so pronounced.exaggerate

However below pic is with the under-eye concealer.  I did not set the under-eye concealer with powder. The smudging was messier and I didn’t like it. exaggerate-conc

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof. I didn’t like this one. Obviously the dry formula makes it long lasting and less smudgy ( new word 🙂 )

But it skips, it’s patchy and bunches your lashes together. imgp3497In-fact I have owned 2 Rimmel Exaggerate pencils previously and they too did that gooping thing.

Its a twist up pencil but not self sharpening so you wont get a sharp point but its workable.

The smudger at the end is useless, a synthetic brush is better.  The line does not want to smudge without removing the pigment! Also work fast if you want to attempt some degree of a smudge, one eye at a time!

If you are not watching your pennies there are other drugstore options (Loreal) which are better, but since I bought them I going to use them ….up.