Dabbling in Lent

I am a Hindu. Practicing, non-practicing  and everywhere in between.

I don’t regularly visit temples or participate in all the numerous Hindu religious holidays but have Hindu icons sprinkled around my home, am respectful towards my holy book the Bhagwad Gita, will recite a quick prayer before a flight, join my palms and bow my head when I pass a temple and my absolute favourite Goddess is Ma Durga.fe3c75a921e5d0a71a8aa376f741224c

I used to be a lot more ‘Hindu’ right upto around 2011.

I had faith. Faith in prayer and in a God who would look after me. I would light incense and say a prayer in front of my Hindu altar table every morning before rushing off to work.

And then my mother died. A horrible, horrible, stretched out death. That was when I lost my faith. I lost faith that someone was ‘out there’ looking out for me.

I left God, of rather faith in God left my heart. I could not come to grips with the fact that I believed, I BELIEVED…. and I was let down.

After the initial feeling of betrayal and bewilderment, I spent a the next few years lost and incredibly sad.

I can not describe the loneliness it brings within oneself. That feeling that there was nothing there…nothing.

Then as the years passed a coldness entered my heart. I had turned away from God and I felt nothing.

In-fact my Hindu altar table was dismantled before I moved to America and here in my new home there is no altar. I light incense as an air freshener!

And then 4 days back,  I decided I will give up something for Lent.

Hang on a minute ! Lent ? What’s that ? Why ? Why Lent ?? I can not explain. I just decided.  Baaam!

3 days back I watched a short clip on RT News on Lent anchored by a hip, non-believer -believer…you know the type I mean ? And after that report I did a search ‘giving up something for Lent’. The first website I click open reads thus

Today we know Lent as a season of conversion: We acknowledge the ways we have turned away from God in our lives, and We focus on turning our hearts and minds back toward God.  

So here I am starting a brand new journey. A journey in symbolism. Let’s see where it takes me.

1993 Hong Kong was a new beginning for me. 2017 America is going to be Part 2 of that I believe.


Feeling Positive!