Living in America. Day 91

Living in America.  Politics aside (aka clusterfk) it’s been real.

People often say ‘ wow this might be a culture shock’ when they find out I have been here only 91 days. What they don’t realise is WHAT exactly is this shock.

My dear let me tell you.

  1. Gigantic cats. The local tabbys are the size of a small pig. Maybe its Washington State thing, I don’t know.
  2. Diet Coke is sweeter here than anywhere else in the world.
  3. Milk. You cant find small cartons of milk anywhere. So for our household of two we buy it from STARBUCKS. Yep !
  4. Bread. Try finding sliced bread in a supermarket that does not contain ‘sugar/sweetener’.  Trader Joes, QFC, PCC, Fred Myers and Safeway. We are SO SICK of eating sour dough 😦 the only one without added sugar/sweetener. ( I miss Hong Kong’s Garden WholeWheat bread. Tastes like old cardboard if not toasted but has ZERO sugar/sweetener or oil)
  5. Cheerful coffee shops overflowing with baked goods that also sell beer and wine! Good one!
  6. Doors. American doors are playing with my head. I am still not able to open doors.  I have lived and travelled all over the world, yes even Australia (haha) but never have doors proven unfathomable. It’s worse when people sitting inside can actually see me struggle. Push, Pull, Shove….break door.
  7. Light switches. It’s always  On (for Off) and vis-versa. So two goes each time.
  8. And (my biggest bug bear) you can not buy Oral contraceptive pills over the counter.  You need a prescription.WTF ?

A journey of wonderment.

Adjustment aside what do I love, day to day?

  1. Friendly helpful people
  2. Fresh unsalted, no added fats/oils, no added sugar or sweetener peanut butter. One that I make myself in the giant blender at the supermarket ( they are roasted peanuts, not raw, but thats fine)
  3. AMC cinema that sells PLAIN popcorn! You mix the butter and salt by yourself (which we never do ) Low guilt carbs. Love that.
  4. THE MOUNTAINS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Oh the mountains. Oh I love them. The Cascades, the Olympics and the king amongst them, Mt Rainier! I bow to thy majesty.
  5. Fresh oysters. Whenever I want and how many I want.

and …..wait for it……

Makeup that caters to my brown skin!   I exist!









  1. Such an interesting post! Having always lives in the USA, I always think everything is just typical here and everywhere else is so much interesting. Just like I think there is no such thing as an American accent. I know I’m so wrong though! I think the only place I have thought the Diet Coke is sweeter is in Mexico. I love their Coca Cola Light! Welcome!! Washington is really pretty! I love the photo you posted. I live in Arizona and our cats are gigantic too! LOLOL, I have 3 enormous ones.

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