Daily Prompt: Candle

Image Courtesy: Behind the Candelabra. Michael Douglas as Liberace

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Candles. Something about that flame. I just have to to pass my fingers through the flame. To and fro, to and fro. Not paying attention to the people I am with. Just playing with that flame.

Or pick at the dripping stalactite-like wax and stab it back into the flame to watch it melt. Or poke my finger into the wet wax to watch it form a seal on my finger. All this usually ends up with either the candle tipping over or the flame going out completely.

Other than candles and me being a potential fire hazard they are little flames of joy. Twinkling in bathrooms, foyers, on dining tables, side boards, gardens, entrance ways and path ways. Imagine a public toilet with some tastefully placed candles.

The wonder of candles didn’t escape the makeup companies who  scrambled to make powders purported to make us look like we we were kissed by candle light. A light dusting on cheekbones was all we needed to look beautiful. Why? Because we are supposed to look better by candle light.

A bit insulting really. I spend a lot of time walking around in daylight so what are you trying to tell me Too Faced ?

But even candles can get annoying. Like when used as ‘background’ of almost every novice beauty vlogger on Youtube! They are placed so mindlessly it’s distracting. Moreover make-up is pretty enough, you don’t need a candle to make your content attractive.

Or when placed on compact tables for two in restaurants. The food starts to arrive and soon the glasses and plates are jostling for space with the candle. No one will remove the candle and by now I have already singed my wrist trying to reach over the flame to get to my food or drink.

And seriously how funny is a candelabra on a dining table ?  Next time count the times you are you ducking, diving and twisting your head so you can actually see the person sitting across from you. Unless you and your guests are so tall that your eye level is above the height of the candles sitting atop the candelabra. Haha Not!

And then there are fragranced candles. My absolute favourite kind but also my biggest bug bear.

Maybe I hate waste or maybe I am stingy, but this is what gets me. Buy fragranced candle, light fragranced candle, blow out fragranced candle for another day. Do this a a few times and soon there is a deep hole in the centre of the candle with a big fat, almost untouched rim.

How many candles have I had to throw out because I could not get the wick to burn the wax uniformly ? I have melted, microwaved, immersed in hot water. Everything, but with  very little success. Defeated is what I am when I finally bin it.

I think it is amazing when a company knows how to make ‘use up all the wax’ candle. Till I can find that one company that does it,  the only way to prevent the waste might be to never blow out the candle. That’s not possible.   So my current quest remains to find that elusive ‘waste-not-want-not’ fragranced candle.

That, and dripless candles.

I wanted to end this post saying nothing can beat the real thing and how LED t-lights can’t hold a candle.……but that’s just naff.