(Super) Power of Makeup

No not the Nikkie Tutorials trend of The Power of Makeup , rather my belief that dabbling in makeup and beauty can give you super powers.

For me it’s the superpower of Ambidexterity.

Other than wanting to be able to sing I have always wanted to be ambidextrous. (Yea, I dream big. Bee-Eye-Gee)

Sometimes in school, just for kicks, I would start to write with my left (weak) hand. But it was tedious, slow and produced horrible penmanship.  Even now when I try it, it yields the same slow, rubbish results.

However messing around with beauty and makeup rituals started to build this superpower. For me, like many, it all started with nail polish. Polishing nails on both hands. Shaky and slow. So I wasn’t too happy.

I wanted to be legit.  I moved up to my face.  Where my right hand would naturally leap up to do the task, I started to use my left, especially for the left side of my face. To apply creams, serums, remove makeup or to wash off cleanser.

Then, I upped the stakes.

Applying makeup is the real deal my friend!

I started  with eye shadow.Then moved to mascara. A little scary as you try your best to not jab yourself in the eye.

My right would often leap out and I would correct myself. Put Right away. Use Left.

I then moved onto Eyelash curlers. Tricky at most times with pinching lids and what-not.

And then just 2 days ago something magical happened.

Unconsciously my weak hand took hold of my liquid eyeliner pen and started to draw a line along my left eyelid.

YES !!

I did it without thinking.

WTF??!! Have I finally acquired the superpower of Ambidexterity ??

Granted I still need my right hand to correct the slightly jagged edge of my eyeliner but come on? How great to not even realise I am using my weak (Left) hand, huh ?

Makeup that did it!

PS: I still can’t do my eye brows though


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