Sasa Duds: Sasatinnie Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil

I have been impressed by Sasatinnie products in the past. Fluffy powder brush, angled face brush and a lip liner.

The lip liner is INDESTRUCTIBLE. It never dries up, doesn’t go bad and will survive the end of the world. It’s made in Germany.

Anyway given how impressed I am with my lip liner I decided to dip more into the Sasatinnie brand.

I bought the Waterproof Smooth Gel Eyeliner Pen. Made in Korea. It has a twist up nib and cost me HKD 48. I have had it for 1 week and this morning I threw it in the bin.

I usually never bin makeup. I persevere till it hurts or give it away.

This one. In the bin it went!imgp3329Application: It skips. Does not apply in one smooth line. It’s hard and dry.20161010_093028As you try and reapply over the skipped bits, it starts to flake and get in your eyes.20161010_093005

And I spent all day indoors in the aircon and it smudged. Under and on my lids

It’s bright outside hence the scowl


It’s dry and hard, it smudges and flakes.

Don’t waste your cash.

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