Sasa Duds: BCL 24h Browlash Water Strong Eyeliner

BCL BROWLASH EX Water Strong  Eyeliner is a double ended eyeliner pen with an eye shadow powder on the other end.

It’s made in Japan  and claims to be waterproof, with a no smudge long lasting (that’s the 24h stamp for you ) formula.

I bought this in Sasa for HKD 89. I bought the black one with a light gold shimmer shadow.


If you google BCL you will find a few Asian blogs, all singing it’s praises.

The brush is gorgeous. Soft and flexible. It’s beautifully thin and hugs my lashline very easily. And I always have trouble finding something thin enough for that.

It’s fantastic for my small hooded eyes because it defines the eye without overwhelming it.

While the eye shadow dome feels rough the eye shadow  in itself delivers a subtle sheen. Probably more noticeable on lighter skin tones than mine. It’s subtle enough to say wear it for a job interview!

I was so happy I wanted to walk right back into Sasa and buy a second one.

But I got busy and didn’t. ……And THANK F***ING GOD I DIDN’T!! Because for the next two days it showed its fugly side!

If you draw a normal, slightly thicker line ie not a lash-hugging line it Fails, Flakes, Smudges and eventually goes into COMPLETE Melt down mode.

LOOK 1: SMUDGING. Not sweating but slightly sticky. Mainly aircon.
LOOK 2: Flaking. Walked around running errands, in the out of aircon.
LOOK 3: MENTAL. 30 mins in sun, it’s humid and my face is wet.
LOOK 4: PISSED OFF. Continues to melt inspite of me wiping off the ‘meltdown’ in Look 3

The above pictures were all taken after applying my ‘matt’ sunscreen. I did give the sunscreen 20 mins to absorb.

So I decided to try it without sunscreen but after moisturiser, after giving it time to fully absorb.

I tried it without moisturiser or eye cream.

Same bullsh*t. Waterproof ? Smudge proof? my big fat a**

Rant Over.

Thank you have a nice day.