Draping With Nudes.

MG-Paris-Aphrodite_of_Milos No not like this. Draping is the current contour trend (it’s an 0ld makeup technique actually.Wayne Goss explains it here).

Draping is contouring with blush. And as Marie Claire explains it, its a statement blush.(http://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/news/a21333/draping-blush-trend/ .

I was never into strobing but draping is something I am totally into especially after I saw Lisa Eldridge do this1470014207484

I have been draping like mad ! All the time, any time. Before a flight, running an errand, going to the Indian Embassy. I love cream blushes and will often use lipsticks to ‘drape’.

And  my colour of choice are Nudes. They work for my skin-tone, my eyelids & the nude lip ties it all together.  20160810_101939I work with just one colour for eyes, temples, cheeks, contour and lips.

The light was fading and the camera didn’t pick up the blush/contour. But was ok IRL

I cheat a wee bit though.

Just so the cream lipstick doesn’t crease on my lids I lightly dust it with an eye shadow of the same colour. And if I pick one with a light sheen then I also lightly dust it on my cheek bones  for a highlight.

Once you line your eyes and put mascara on you will be glad you chose the Nude , especially for the lip. Otherwise its all too much for day.

For a night-time draping I am thinking I will play with my Mauve Armani lipstick! It still a nude for my lips but will sit darker on my face. Can’t wait!

Applied the Nudes on my Lips to show the colours. My lips are pigmented hence some nudes show up differently on my lips versus in the packaging.IMGP2928Estee Lauder 1:  20160806_135921Maybelline 2:


I like playing with these Nudes to drape because it make me look awake, adds a bit of colour and yet subtle.