Indian Kitchen Industry: DIY Face Packs

I love face masks. Sheet or out of a tub. I have several posts dedicated to them. Korean Sheet mask, Bliss Multi-faceted Anti Aging, Aspirin Mask, Face Mask Smack DownWallowing in Face Masks and Cleansers & Face Masks

But my fav one right now is the one I make at home.

Look I am no DIY diva, in-fact I hate DIY. (Why DIY when someone else can do it for you ?)  But at the same time I am still on the hunt for that magical face pack that will, instantly, turn me into Daenerys Targaryen. You know plump faced and clear skinned.daenarys-1024

On a recent visit by a friend from India, we started chatting face masks and about the Indian kitchen industry that is DIY face packs!  Every home has it’s pet recipe.

It took me back to my own childhood. Every Sunday Ma would mix up a paste of besan (chickpea flour) & water and smear it on my face as a cleanser.

(Let dry then start to lightly rub it off. It will yank off your facial fuzz so be careful, while lightly exfoliating.  Then wash it off. I don’t need to tell you how soft your skin feels.)

She told me about her little ritual of DIY yogurt-honey-lime juice face pack. I liked how her skin looked, so one boring Saturday afternoon I decided to try the face pack, with a slight variation. Ditched the lime juice for the turmeric.2016-06-23 10.49.16

Turmeric the wonder spice. We consume it for almost ALL meals and Hindu brides and grooms would be no where without the Turmeric ‘bathing’ ceremony the morning of the wedding!

Turmeric bathing ceremony (gaye holud)  that, atleast for Bengalis, turns into complete mayhem where everyone, EVERYONE gets doused with the turmeric paste. We all look like yellow ghosts.

So Turmeric is an old friend. Swapping the lime juice ( a bit scared of it frankly) for turmeric was a safe bet for me. I have a small-ish face so 1 tsp of plain yogurt, half tsp of honey and pinch of turmeric is enough for my face and bit of my neck.

I keep it anywhere between 15 mins to 20 mins. As you wash it off you will feel tiny granules against your skin as you rub-wash it off. That’s normal.

I love how it feels on, and how my skin feels after I have washed it off.

Being Indian the yellow of the turmeric is not a problem for my skin tone. It appears to brighten the skin rather than staining it yellow. But be careful on how much  you want to mix in depending on your own skin tone.

For more information on 3 of my favourite face pack ingredients Besan, Yogurt & Turmeric, check out this website

And other websites: BesanYogurt & Turmeric

NB: my skin is normal, blemish and hassle free.