Bengali Cabbage

Damn it I LOVE cabbage, any style. I even love Brussels sprouts. And Bengali style cabbage  my comfort food.

But this one today didn’t come out good. I took it off the gas too soon. I didn’t wait for ALL the moisture to evaporate and it now tastes like mush. Let it be a lesson for all 🙂 20160528_135503

Bengali style cabbage is not al dente ( like the South Indian poriyal style where the cabbage still retains its green colour)

Ma used to say for Bengali cabbage you need to cook it till ALL the water/moisture from the cabbage is gone. If not it won’t taste good.

It’s a fairly simple recipe but towards the end of the cooking process timing is KEY . Lets call it Part 3.

This is where cabbage goes from soggy (tasteless) to delicious. Funnily enough it becomes ‘cabbage’ again. Hard to describe.

It will go from this….CB1

to this…IMGP2806

to this….IMGP2812

But don’t stop here.

It still has moisture, I could see it.  Cook on low till the moisture is gone. I had forgotten how muddy-mushy cabbage can taste at this stage.

It started like this, Part 1cabbage

I marinated it with my usual turmeric and salt, and also added some garam masala powder I had sitting in my fridge. ( purely optional)marinate

Part 2 – I tempered it with Cumin seeds & large chillies.Obviously when using sharper chillies, use sparingly. Once the seeds have popped add the ginger.

Ahh the ginger, not my finest hour here either. I was getting hot and tired in the  kitchen so I cut corners. I usually add smooth ginger paste and not roughly sliced ginger. 😦tadka

I will tell you why. Once the cabbage cooks its hard to differentiate the ginger from the cabbage and a mouthful of ginger doesn’t taste good.

Anyway add the cabbage. Stir fry for around 10 minsIMGP2800

Then cover and cook on LOW stirring occasionally.  After around 10 mins add frozen peas !peasStir, cover and keep cooking on low.

You take cover off when it looks like this and here starts the TIMING bit. Be patient.CB1

You basically do not want soggy cabbage. It’s all about taste and eyeballing at this stage.

I have cooked it till it became a bit too dry and that’s awful too.

Lets see what hubby’s verdict is.