Wayne Goss Brush Review

Update 2019: I added 2 more brushes since this post. They are the white ones from his new Eye Set.

These brushes do shed a wee bit, but they are soft as a baby’s butt on mah face.

I dont have problematic skin but very sensitive “brush” skin. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Real Techniques have all ,from time to time, felt rough or pokey on my face.  Infact I can NOT use the Real Techniques buffing brush. I feel like my skin will ‘buff’ right off.

So I was at cross roads. Where else could I turn to for  makeup brush TLC ?

And then everyone started to say how SOFT the Wayne Goss brushes are. It’s true!

For 4 brushes I paid close to HKD 500 each. Worth every single penny.

13, 02, 04, 06
Size Reference. Standard MAC packaging and Bobbi Brown Single blush.

Brush 02  

I have a small face and this brush is perfect for me to apply blush.  And perfect for highlighter too. 20160317_09150920160317_075456

It doesn’t pick up heaps of colour which is fab, especially to build up or for a natural flush. However if you do pick up too much, beware.

It’s not the BEST at blending. My Real Techniques GIANT blush brush blends really well and out of ALL the RT face brushes, I feel like the Blush brush is the softest.

Brush 13 

Multi-tasker. Apply and buff in liquid or powder foundation. Apply bronzer, contour (yes even on my tiny face). At a pinch, apply Blush.20160317_075355


Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Wayne Goss No 13, Real Techniques Contour Brush

Soft Soft Soft…and buffs really well !

Brush 04 & Brush 06

Top: Crease 04 & Bottom: Paddle 06

The 06 Paddle Brush is great for sweeping colour all over the lid and narrow enough to get colour just on my movable lid. See below how little space my movable lid has because of my hooded eye-fold.

2016-03-17 14.24.04
06 Paddle – applying colour onto the movable lid
2016-03-17 15.44.37
06 Paddle – all over the lid

06 is also good for smudging some shadow on the lower lash line.

04 Crease is good for small eyes.


13, 04, 06 are soft and yet great at blending.

02 is the weakest at blending but beautiful at placing colour, especially highlight.

All of them are the right size of my face/eyes.

Very happy.

Gold Star for Wayne Goss.

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