Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Youtube you made me feel like I was missing out if I didn’t own a Shu Eyelash Curler.FullSizeRender

So ofcourse I went out and bought it . And I am not happy.  It is MEH!

And also I have learn’t a lesson. When Makeup Artists tells me something is amazing, a novice like me should ignore that advice.

WHY ? Because in the hands of the experts, everything starts to work.

My TV will have clear reception as soon as the cable man arrives, my computer will cheerfully ‘print’ as soon as IT arrives at my desk  and the tap stops leaking when the plumber visits.

Mysterious and  damned annoying behaviour of inanimate objects.

The Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara without curling my lashes gives me a bigger curl.

With the Shu I am like ‘why bother’. Just mascara works just as well. Also the implement in itself feels like it needs “tightening up“. It’s loose and floppy.

Blurry pic I know. But cat jumped up and nudged my elbow. Small mercy I didn’t poke my eye!

My good ole, run of the mill eyelash curlers from Sasa, dare I say it, curl better.

Image from Sasa Website

The battery helps this to heat it up and it works. Also this was my first ever eyelash curler and I never nipped any skin!

I have used this with and without heating and the heat works better. Without the heat I found it a lame.  Lame, just like my 3-times-the-price-Shu !

Image from Sasa Website

Now this compact one can be tricky. The wrong angle, and while your lashes do get curled, they also get a sharp kink in them

So make sure to really get into the lash line.

Anyway inspite of possessing both these, I bought the hype and got The Shu.

I will admit, Shu Uemura is a God of sorts. However I think the Shu Gods were looking the other way when they made the eyelash curler.