I am Mad! Alcohol, Fragrance, SPF..

I am not a scientist I am a Consumer that has a need to Research EVERYTHING (pros and cons) to death!

My favourite sources are Caroline Hirons, Paula Begoun/Beautypedia, Beauty Brains and the like.

I usually disregard ‘scare’ and focus more on the efficacy or ease of use.

Given that, there are things I do not want in my skincare or makeup and it annoys me companies still do it.

I do not want Alcohol, period. It’s drying (for ALL skin types) and not something I (anyone really) want for my maturing skin… or my lips, my eyebrows or my eyelashes!

SLS ( for me – not so much SLES) It’s drying and I don’t want it in my cleansers or in my shampoo.

Mineral Oil is much aligned and I do not buy into the scare, however when I buy expensive skincare ONLY for it’s claims of Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle or Purifying, I don’t want mineral oil interfering with my skin’s full potential of actually absorbing all that benefit. Waste of money !

Naive, yes to buy into promise of eternal youth but that’s besides the point 🙂

The mineral oil is still sitting on top, grinning at me and my wallet. I could have just bought a drugstore moisturiser, couldn’t I ?  But I don’t want to.

See what’s happening ? I am going round in circles all because I want that expensive Anti Aging elixir.

Fragrance. I dont care for fragrance . I have never bought something for its fragrance other than Perfume. Fragrance can be a skin irritant, not for me, but who wants a potential irritant especially when I don’t care for it anyway.  Also I am often worried it will interfere with my Tom Ford perfume 🙂

However I know some chemicals can smell like your cat’s litter box on a damp day, so it’s a hard one.

And then there is SPF. I am still frikking confused about How/When/How much for SPF but from what I have read the best SPF is JUST SPF. I don’t want my makeup or skincare with SPF because most often it’s pretty useless.

I apply my non- SPF skin and eye care (I wait between layers of serum and moisturiser/oil)

then I – wait

then apply my ( good quality, UV ++++ and all that) SPF. This should be good quality so its also moisturising. Which means at a pinch, serum…wait….SPF could do it.

then WAIT  – for the SPF to start becoming an SPF

and  then apply all my makeup over it.

Ofcourse the battle that I still haven’t won is the REAPPLICATION of this bloody SPF.

How ? Because I have makeup on.I can not possibly wipe it ALL off and start again.

I did most excitedly buy the Loreal SPF face mist. But it has a overly ‘shiny’ effect on my skin and also I am not sure the ‘light mist’ really counts as SPF re-application.

If you spritz more liberally then you get white droplets and even more grease. I press the white drops IN so they disappear, but my eye makeup and blush slides ALL over my face. Ugh

I do think the topical SPF powders by Peter Thomas Roth etc are the best but I am still looking for a non tinted one, as those most easily available can be a bit light for my skintone.

I should add that I don’t mind lipsticks/tints/gloss that are with SPF. Because an SPF lip balm makes my lip products slip and slide.