First Impressions- Zino Lash Builder

It really scares me when I catch sight of falling eyebrow hairs and eye lashes. Also after reading about how drying lash and brow mascaras can be I went on a mad  quest to find a CONDITIONING treatment for lashes and eye brows. Not a primer, rather a conditioner. Something I could wear at night.


The Talika Lipocils range is pricey and I was hesitant to spend that much so when wandering around Windsor House in Causeway Bay I spied a shop with the Zino Lash Builder I decided to look into it.

First thing I did was read the ingredient list. It did not have Alcohol.  I also liked the fact that I can wear it at night and not just as a mascara primer.


Also it’s not very expensive, around HKD 198.  So a purchase worth a try.

From what I gather from their website, Zino is a HK company and their 1998 launch product was the Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

Now this is the one I wanted to buy but did not because it didn’t have the ingredients in English. The shop assistant kept telling me “it’s has a discount” but nothing helpful about the ingredients. Pretty normal for HK shop assistants. I honestly know more than them!

Anyway I passed on the serum (sigh:() and bought the lash builder instead.

A lash builder is not what I am after, but hey!


Thin wand. Get’s right ‘in there’


Comparison between Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, Benefit They’re Real and the Lash Builder wands

It’s clear, obviously. Doesn’t feel crispy, in fact the lashes feel very soft. The liquid gave me a slight watering of the eyes. It’s the fragrance. Mildly ‘medicinal’.

Will report back in a month’s time.