Bliss Multi-face-eted Clay Mask

This Mask is a Pain in the A** but I like the effect it has. Skin feels smooth and soft and definitely, how should I put it ? Un-dull !

I don’t use it just before going out. Before bed is when I will use this, and you will know why later.

Anyway, I have maturing, normal-dry, blemish free skin Anyway with maturing skin comes Anti Aging concerns so when I saw an anti-aging face mask, I jumped at it.

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Bliss Multi-face-eted All in One Anti Aging Clay Mask.


When I first bought this mask a while back I didn’t like it. The first application burnt my face in about 2 mins (it’s supposed to stay on for 5-7 mins). It stung like a 1000 bees.

I immediately washed (stay tuned for more of this “washed” coming up later) it off and waited…for a reaction.


Nothing the next day…or the day after.

I scanned the internet for similar comments of burning etc. I saw/read nothing.

Also the lack of a breakout, redness, scaling or anything made me think that this could be my skin meeting professional/spa strength Glycolic acid !

So after a few weeks I tried it again. A wee bit of burning , I persevered.

And now after several uses, I feel nothing.

This clay mask has grainy-sharp bits that are the quartz bits. And the clay is an unusual ‘stretchy’ kind of clay. Very nice to apply. This even-non-patchy application  it does by itself really.

I apply it with a flat foundation brush and as per instructions let it sit between 5-7 mins.

It will remain moist so don’t wait for it to DRY. It doesn’t need to dry out.

And here is where the Drama unfolds !

The WASHING it off.  Wet Cloth,  hot flannel, face sponge. BEWARE !

White sinks will have a sticky grey cast that needs to be cleaned up with Mr Muscle! And my face, oh my poor face.

THIS HAPPENS. A grey cast.


No amount of water or wet flannel will remove this.

I have to now wash it off with my Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. I don’t want to use anything stronger, not after this mask.


After cleansing, as its a clay mask,  there obviously is a dry feeling.

So I have been following this mask up with a double whammy ! I put on a GENTLE hydrating mask.  The Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell works best.


In a way this Peter Thomas Rose mask is so innocous (read: complete waste of money) that its a nice topical hydration after this crazy mask.

And my secret hope is that when I wipe/wash this hydrating mask off, every last eensy weensy remaining bit of that damned grey mask will also come off.

I try and use a ’tissue-off’ kind of mask so I dont need to put any more water on my skin. Water only keeps drying skin up !

Alternate Ending: If I don’t put on a hydrating mask. I follow it with a gentle toner. I use my Estee Lauder Micro Essence on a cotton pad.

Sometimes even at this step I can see grey residue. Very depressing. But there is a limit to rubbing my face!

I then put on moisturiser, ofcourse!

This mask is expensive and says use twice a week. No. I will use it once in 2 weeks.

Is it really anti-aging ? Will lines disappear and pores close

Nope. Aging will happen no matter what.

Eat  Clean/Healthy, wear SPF, Drink lots of Water, Exercise, Laugh, lots !, Take care of your skin and of yourself.

That’s when the real magic happens.