Adult Colouring Books

Sounds R-rated right ?

I got this as a present and never been happier. Now I want to present one to all my friends.

2016-02-01 19.04.40

Something not connected to electricity, dependant on Wifi, isn’t backlit and yet provides hours of fun like Candy Crush.

Desert Island stuff this one!


Did you even know colour pencils had advanced so far as to become Watercolour Pencils ??

I didn’t.

Colour in with pencils, dip brush in clear water and stroke over it.

Some of the spaces are so intricate it reminds me of Adult puzzles but in colouring in form.


Still trying to master Snow (light blue wash)

I might invest in actual watercolours as the Faber Castel pencils I am using are a bit hard and they are not rich dark shades, basically for primary school kids.

So the colour payoff is not as opaque as I would like.

Will update on how I get along