Beautylish: Wayne Goss Brushes

Hong Kong Beauty Report

My Wayne Goss brushes arrived from Beautylish !! Review later.

Orders over USD75 and shipment is free to Hong Kong !2016-02-01 12.26.14

2016-02-01 12.25.20

Brush 13, Brush 02, Brush 04 & Brush 06

The brushes are incredibly soft and the most expensive are the face brushes, 13 & 02, ranging between HKD 400-250 and the Eyes, 04 & 06 are between HKD 200-250.

I am on a quest for SOFT. I go to Lane Crawford and stroke makeup brushes on my face and always come away thinking ‘nope’.

The Goldilocks syndrome.

So far WG seem to be just right BUT …..not so fast, review to come !

The brush 6 looks a bit frayed 😦 so I am sad. Hopefully it will sort itself out as I start to use it. Probably moved around a bit when it was in its plastic cover.

Will report in a months time.

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